Plumbing a Kitchen Island

One of the great kitchen trends of the past decade is kitchens with large islands. Everyone loves an island—they are practical and aesthetically appealing. It makes kitchen work easier because it frees up workspace on other countertops and gives a place for friends and family to gather when visiting. But islands with a kitchen sink present a special challenge and need … Read More

Joining PVC Pipe

Undertaking any PVC repairs or new installation will involve joining elbows, cup-links or T cup-links. We’re not talking fashion here, just plumbing! Whether you’re doing a small repair or a large PVC job, there are some DIY plumbing tips you should abide by to ensure the job is done correctly. PVC is one on the great inventions of the 20th … Read More

Using Radiant Heat in Homes

Radiant heat systems are a comfortable, efficient way to heat your home. Invisible, too! They supply warmth through wires or tubes that run underneath your floor of your home and heat your home evenly.  A radiant heating system is a great choice for a new home or when renovating/adding additions to your existing home. Even with our warm Sacramento weather, nothing … Read More

How to Snake a Drain

At some point, in most homes, the drain gets clogged. There’s a variety of reasons for the drain blockage but the end result is the same…standing water. You’ve tried a liquid dissolver but no luck. Before you call our Sacramento plumbing professionals, you may want to give a DIY plumbing snake a try. A Plumbing Snake There are a lot … Read More