Protecting Sacramento’s Water Supply

As a Sacramento plumbing company, we care about keeping your water safe and clean. This begins with community wide education about pollution hazards and prevention — the Sacramento Storm Water Quality Partnership with residents, businesses, and local governmental agencies is a great place to start. This partnership adds “protection” to the environmental stewardship mantra of reuse, recycle, and reduce.  Primary Causes … Read More

Replacing a Leaking Faucet Washer

A leaking faucet is not just annoying when people want to sleep and the sound of dripping water (and waiting for the next drop) keeps people awake. Every drop of water that goes down the drain is wasting water and money. It makes sense to repair the faucet as quickly as possible. Most often, a washer has worn out and … Read More

What is Geo Thermal Cooling and Heating?

At Ace, we specialize in Sacramento HVAC systems. But, as experts in cooling, we also know that just a few feet below the surface of California’s Central Valley is an alternate source of cooling. Solar radiation. It keeps the earth a consistent temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Some homeowners are taking advantage of this source of heat energy to … Read More

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Water

Most people assume that water is just water. However, water can fall into one of two categories. Water can be hard or soft, and the difference does not have anything to do with how it feels. Instead, the difference has to do with the mineral content.   Hard Water Most of the water in the United States is hard water … Read More