Should I Convert My Septic System to Sewer?

convert septic to sewer

There are regions where a septic system is an absolute necessity. If you have a septic system, you may be wondering when you can switch to a sewer system. Should your area get plumbing to connect to a local sewer line, these questions will help you decide if you should get on board. Why Convert to a Sewer System? A … Read More

Kitchen Plumbing Trends for 2017

kitchen plumbing trends 2017

The plumbing in your kitchen should make your life easier. If you have been suffering with old, uninspiring kitchen plumbing technology, you have an easy way out. When you try one of these new kitchen design trends for 2017, even your faucet will work harder for you. Hands-Free Faucets People who are accustomed to turning on a kitchen faucet with … Read More

Simple Ways to Save Water in the Garden

Save Water in the Garden

When a hot summer is on its way, the last thing you want to worry about is increasing the California drought by consuming too much water in your garden. These tips help you save without sacrificing your luscious landscaping. Pick an Appropriate Watering System You already know that just running a hose all over your yard is not a particularly … Read More

Is It Time to Upgrade My Plumbing?

time to upgrade plumbing

Like most of your home systems, your plumbing needs to be replaced from time to time, and not just the faucets or sinks. An assessment of these individual factors helps you determine when you should consider a major plumbing upgrade. Pipe Material The material that your plumbing is made from will affect its longevity, as well as its safety for … Read More

Does My Home Really Need Air Conditioning?

do i need air conditioning

Older homes are often not built for central air or heating, leading a lot of people to believe that it is not really necessary. Here are a few things that air conditioning does for your home, not just the people living in it. Temperature Control The first and most obvious benefit of air conditioning is temperature regulation. A hot home … Read More

Does My Furnace Shut Down for Summer?

furnace shut down

Once the weather cools off, you might shut down your air conditioner and even put a cover over it until spring arrives again. Your furnace does not work in quite in the same way. This is what your indoor HVAC equipment may do for your home, all year long. What Does My Indoor HVAC System Do? Although your furnace is … Read More