Retrofitting Plumbing in an Older Home

plumbing retrofit

When you buy an older home, sometimes you get older systems with it that need a change-up. If you are trying to add a bathroom or upgrade the kitchen, you may need to retrofit new plumbing into the home. Here are some tips to help guide your research as you get started. Consider the Materials The age of a home … Read More

Easy Ways to Reuse Water

water conservation recycle

Hot summers and drought seasons lead to water rationing. With these easy tips, you can reuse water while you still keep your landscape fresh and green. Set Up Rain Barrels When a good rainstorm hits, it can be a wonder for your lawn. The trouble is that so much of the water falls onto your home, not into your yard. … Read More

Should I Upgrade My Window Air Conditioner?

window ac upgrade

Window air conditioners are inexpensive and do not require a lot of extra equipment to function. However, they do not always provide the best cooling for the home, especially if you only have one. With the information in this guide, you can determine if you could benefit from upgrading to a different air conditioning system. Basic Facts About Window Air … Read More

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

Your home’s indoor air quality affects the way you live in the place where you spend the most time. With these tips, you can decrease pollutants and breathe much clearer. Use Ventilation Equipment You may have heard that indoor air quality is often worse than the air quality outside. Although you are not running your car inside, there is a … Read More

Home Improvements to Increase Energy Efficiency

increase energy efficiency

Energy efficiency relies on many different parts of your home, not just your HVAC system. With these home improvements, you can increase your efficiency, decrease your energy consumption and also save money. Attic Insulation Pound for pound, attic insulation is probably the most economically-sound home improvement you can make. This applies to literally any improvement you might consider, whether it … Read More

How Long Can an Air Conditioner Last?

how long air conditioners last

You hear that you should replace your air conditioner after 10-15 years of use, but some people have theirs for much longer. Here’s what happens as an air conditioner gets older. Lower Efficiency There are two ways you can look at energy efficiency, in relation to your air conditioner. The first is that your air conditioner will lose some efficiency … Read More