Are You Using Too Much Water?

are you using too much water

Sacramento summers seem to have two ubiquitous features: droughts and heat. If you are not careful, you may use too much water in your yard. Here are several ways to know that you are wasting water and money on your landscaping. Watering Indiscriminately When you do not know how to properly water a specific kind of plant or garden, you … Read More

Does Your Toilet Fit Your Lifestyle?

lifestyle toilet

You have had a toilet for many years, and it still seems to work great. But does it work with you? Think carefully about these aspects of toilets to determine what kind of toilet is best for your family. Household Concerns The dynamic of your household changes over time, and with those changes you might need to think about what … Read More

Smart Home Upgrades for Your Plumbing

smart home upgrades

Is smart plumbing even a thing? Yes, it most certainly is. If you are looking to add more smart home features to your home, your plumbing deserves a few upgrades as well. Here are a handful of items on the market to make your life easier. Smart Sprinklers If you want to have a sprinkling system that intuitively knows how … Read More

Bathtubs: Refinish or Replace?

bathtub finish or replace

At times, you may want to pull out your old bathtub and replace it with a new one. Here’s what you should consider before you make the purchase. Why Are Bathtubs Relatively Inexpensive? When you think about getting a basic bathtub, you might find that it is quite a bit less expensive than you expect. Prefabricated bathtubs, assuming that the … Read More

What Is an Air Conditioning Condenser?

what is an ac condenser

There are many crucial components of your air conditioner, and your condenser is one of them. It is so vital that the exterior unit is often called “the condenser,” even though this is just one function of the appliance itself. This guide shows you what the condenser does, and how you can take care of it. What Is the Air … Read More

Ductless vs Ductwork: A Cost Comparison

air conditioning ducts

If you do not have ductwork in your home, thinking about adding it to install central air conditioning is something you must carefully consider. With this comparison, you will have a better idea of the cost differences between ductless air conditioning and a traditional system with ductwork. What Does Ductwork Require? People who cope with a window air conditioner or … Read More