What Is Backflow Testing and Certification?

Every home should have some kind of check valve to keep sewer backflow from causing serious damage. This may not mean that the equipment you have is effective or efficient. Testing and certification confirms that your backflow system will stop the problem of backflow before it occurs. What Is Backflow? Plumbing lines are designed generally to flow only one way. … Read More

4 Things Never to Put Down the Drain


You may have heard never to put oils or corrosive solvents down the drain. The list contains other items as well, and some that you might not expect. Here’s what you need to avoid, and why. Fats and Oils If you can imagine what happens when fats, oils and grease get cold, you can understand why they present such a … Read More

Smart Home Upgrades for Your Plumbing

smart home upgrades

Is smart plumbing even a thing? Yes, it most certainly is. If you are looking to add more smart home features to your home, your plumbing deserves a few upgrades as well. Here are a handful of items on the market to make your life easier. Smart Sprinklers If you want to have a sprinkling system that intuitively knows how … Read More

Retrofitting Plumbing in an Older Home

plumbing retrofit

When you buy an older home, sometimes you get older systems with it that need a change-up. If you are trying to add a bathroom or upgrade the kitchen, you may need to retrofit new plumbing into the home. Here are some tips to help guide your research as you get started. Consider the Materials The age of a home … Read More

Is It Time to Replace My Toilet?

time to replace toilet

With careful maintenance, toilets can last decades. Over time, you may decide that you need something new. Here are a few ways to know if you can reasonably get your toilet repaired, or if it is time to replace it. The Toilet Is Old Since your toilets are designed to last so long, you might think there is no reason … Read More

Preparing Indoor Plumbing for Winter

You might think that, because your pipes are indoors, you do not need to prepare them for winter weather. This mistaken assumption could cost you a lot of money. With these tips, you can minimize the likelihood of winter putting a chill on your access to hot water. Maintain Your Sump Pump If you have a sump dump to help … Read More

What You Need to Know About Replacing Your Water Heater


With good care, a water heater could last as long as 10 years or more. Eventually, you need to replace it, which can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the model you choose. This guide helps you to make smart preparations for your new water heater. Location, Location, Location The place you put your new water heater … Read More

Is a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement More Efficient?

There are many reasons that you might opt for a trenchless sewer line replacement for your plumbing. It preserves your property and creates a sewer line that is stronger, more effective and durable. However, is it the most efficient choice for your needs? With this information, you will know the efficiency of trenchless sewer line replacement for energy consumption, overall … Read More

Preparing Your Plumbing for Spring

Winter poses a lot of risk to your home and especially to its plumbing during freezing temperatures. You may look forward to getting to spring so you can start gardening and enjoying the nice weather. However, once the weather starts to warm up, there are a few tasks you need to complete before you can safely turn on your outdoor … Read More

Signs of Trouble with Your Condensate Drain Line

You may not think of condensation as part of your heating system, but many pieces of heating equipment rely on a condensate drain line to keep the system going. When this line gets too full, clogged or frozen, your entire HVAC system may stop working. With this information, you will know how to identify problems with your condensate drain line, … Read More