How Much is My Running Toilet Costing Me?

running toilets ruin lives

Is your toilet running? That question isn’t just the beginning of a few million prank phone calls. It’s also a question you should ask yourself if you’re looking to slash your water bill or avoid some expensive home repairs. Small leaks aren’t just a minor annoyance. Ace Plumbing knows from experience that those little drips and drops can add up … Read More

What Is Backflow Testing and Certification?

Every home should have some kind of check valve to keep sewer backflow from causing serious damage. This may not mean that the equipment you have is effective or efficient. Testing and certification confirms that your backflow system will stop the problem of backflow before it occurs. What Is Backflow? Plumbing lines are designed generally to flow only one way. … Read More

What Features Do You Need in a New Toilet?

new toilet system

At present, you could spend less than $100 or several thousand for a new toilet, depending on what you want. Think about what you need, what you hope for and what you could not care less about. This guide helps you identify the features you are looking for, to narrow down the best choices for you. Installation and Basic Function … Read More

Should I Convert My Septic System to Sewer?

convert septic to sewer

There are regions where a septic system is an absolute necessity. If you have a septic system, you may be wondering when you can switch to a sewer system. Should your area get plumbing to connect to a local sewer line, these questions will help you decide if you should get on board. Why Convert to a Sewer System? A … Read More

Is a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement More Efficient?

There are many reasons that you might opt for a trenchless sewer line replacement for your plumbing. It preserves your property and creates a sewer line that is stronger, more effective and durable. However, is it the most efficient choice for your needs? With this information, you will know the efficiency of trenchless sewer line replacement for energy consumption, overall … Read More

Protecting Sacramento’s Water Supply

As a Sacramento plumbing company, we care about keeping your water safe and clean. This begins with community wide education about pollution hazards and prevention — the Sacramento Storm Water Quality Partnership with residents, businesses, and local governmental agencies is a great place to start. This partnership adds “protection” to the environmental stewardship mantra of reuse, recycle, and reduce.  Primary Causes … Read More

Solving Soap Suds in the Drain

best water heater temp

Do you run the dishwasher and see soap suds come up the drain? You are not alone. Soap bubbling up the drain is one of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners face. The issue can usually be resolved without a major investment. If you are handy, you can tackle the issue on your own. If not, our Sacramento plumbing team … Read More

Using Video Cameras in Sewer Lines

Plumbing technology has come along way. Gone are the days of strictly guesswork and busting up long lengths of concrete trying to find a drain problem. Today’s tools have made it easier to detect breaks in sewer lines and repair them with little disruption saving a Sacramento homeowner or business thousands of dollars in labor and material costs to fix the … Read More

What is the purpose of a P-trap?

P Trap

Have you looked under your sink only to see a myriad of pipes? You know water needs to drain from sink but is all this plumbing pipe really necessary? Yes! More than just for water, those pipes help keep your home safe and smelling clean. What is a P-trap? In most homes, there is a P-trap installed under the sinks … Read More

How to Increase Pressure in Your Home

Having low water pressure is one of the more annoying problems a homeowner can face. Trying to take a shower or wash the dishes with low water pressure are exercises in frustration. Luckily, there are some easy ways to increase the water pressure in a house. Our Sacramento plumbing team can help or you can try these tips the next … Read More