Bathroom Fixture Trends for 2018

If you’re remodeling your bathroom in 2018, or finally undertaking some long-delayed repairs, you might be concerned with a look that’s fresh and modern. It seems like tastes change yearly, so what kind of bathroom fixtures should you be looking at before you call Ace Plumbing?

High-Tech Toilets

Water-efficient toilets are a must. If you’re removing an older toilet that used a couple of gallons of water per flush, you won’t find one with the same water-wasting design these days. That’s a good thing (especially with California’s recent history of rationing).


Also good news: the toilets on the market now will comply with those regulations, leaving you to concentrate on looks and other things — like high-tech features. Heated seats aren’t just for cars anymore, and today’s toilets can even offer deodorizing features, music, air dryers, accent lighting, and mechanisms that automatically raise and lower the lid, or that lower the seat (which we’re guessing many women with forgetful significant others will find a particularly welcome development).

Smart Showers

Our homes are increasingly connected. Smart thermostats, locks and lighting that can be set through your smartphone, and even refrigerators that let you know when you’re running low on eggs and milk are increasingly commonplace. It was only a matter of time before the bathroom got an intelligence upgrade.


So what does that look like in real life? We’ve come a long way from automatic faucets. You can “set” your shower in much the same way you’d do with your home’s climate controls or lighting. Have a temperature preference? Simply dial it in instead of fiddling with knobs. Want to pipe in audio from your home’s entertainment system? You can do that, too. There are many possibilities, each worth a look before you call the plumbers in Sacramento.

Statement Sinks

Interior designer Emily Henderson thinks that 2018 could be the year of the floating vanity. Having seen them, we think she’s onto something. It’s a striking look that can work in bathrooms of many sizes and layouts. There’s a catch: in order to work right — practically, not just esthetically — proper installation is a must. That means enlisting the services of a contractor for the structural bits (this isn’t something you want to leave to chance or do yourself) and a plumber for the internals, since the whole point of this style is to conceal the inner workings and just focus on pure beauty.

Set Your Own Trend

One thing emerges the more “trend” pieces you read: with few exceptions, it seems that nobody agrees with anyone else about what the next big thing will be. That exception, incidentally, is the incursion of tech in the bathroom, which is a no-brainer anyway. As for the rest? Most trends only become apparent when they’re well underway, and by the time you’re ready the world could be on the hunt for the next big thing.


Our advice, then? Figure out what works for you. What works for your style and personality, and the mood you’re trying to set? Do that. And while you’re planning, call your Sacramento plumbing specialists. Ace Plumbing will help you get the job done right, especially when it comes to complex installations like these. We’re a phone call away at (916) 455-4548.