What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a procedure where a plumbing specialist deep-cleans a clogged or slow-moving sewage line or pipe with hydro-jetting equipment. Water is blasted through the lines at high pressure frequencies to remove anything that could be blocking the passageways. Hydro jetting equipment normally runs to the tune of 7,000 psi or more, making it one of the best ways to … Read More

While on Vacation, Protect Your Pipes

While on Vacation Protect Your Pipes If you travel to warmer climates during the winter months, you may need to take a few steps to protect your plumbing while you are gone. With these tips, hopefully you will avoid leaks, wasted water and frozen pipes. Keep the Heat On When you are planning to leave for several days or a … Read More

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Problem-Free

We put everything down our garbage disposals: potato peels, various food that falls on the floor, leftover scraps from our dinner plates, and other—sometimes more questionable—things. This article will detail items that shouldn’t be thrown down the garbage disposal, as well as a few things you can do to keep your garbage disposal running as problem-free as it possibly can. … Read More

Protecting Sacramento’s Water Supply

As a Sacramento plumbing company, we care about keeping your water safe and clean. This begins with community wide education about pollution hazards and prevention — the Sacramento Storm Water Quality Partnership with residents, businesses, and local governmental agencies is a great place to start. This partnership adds “protection” to the environmental stewardship mantra of reuse, recycle, and reduce.  Primary Causes … Read More

Replacing a Leaking Faucet Washer

A leaking faucet is not just annoying when people want to sleep and the sound of dripping water (and waiting for the next drop) keeps people awake. Every drop of water that goes down the drain is wasting water and money. It makes sense to repair the faucet as quickly as possible. Most often, a washer has worn out and … Read More

What Causes a Leaking Water Heater?

Water heaters are one of those amazing inventions that add incredible comfort to our daily lives. When they are operating properly, homeowners don’t give them a second thought. So what to do if you find yourself with poor pressure or chilly stream of H2O in your morning shower?  It might be a leak—start by looking for water around the tank … Read More

Spring Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance

The spring is finally here—rain tapering off and the drier season ahead. Now is a great time to get spring home care done before summer kicks into high gear. Regular maintenance of plumbing and Sacramento HVAC systems will help ensure that your home is operating at maximum efficiency and as worry-free as possible. Exterior Drains and Plumbing Take time to … Read More

Solving Soap Suds in the Drain

best water heater temp

Do you run the dishwasher and see soap suds come up the drain in your Sacramento home? You are not alone. Soap bubbling up the drain is one of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners face. The issue can usually be resolved without a major investment. If you are handy, you can tackle the issue on your own. If not, … Read More

Using Video Cameras in Sewer Lines

Plumbing technology has come along way. Gone are the days of strictly guesswork and busting up long lengths of concrete trying to find a drain problem. Today’s tools have made it easier to detect breaks in sewer lines and repair them with little disruption saving a Sacramento homeowner or business thousands of dollars in labor and material costs to fix the … Read More

What is the purpose of a P-trap?

P Trap

Have you looked under your sink only to see a myriad of pipes? You know water needs to drain from sink but is all this plumbing pipe really necessary? Yes! More than just for water, those pipes help keep your home safe and smelling clean. What is a P-trap? In most Sacramento homes, there is a P-trap installed under the … Read More