Hot Water Heating Buying Guide in The Greater Sacramento Area

Nothing is more annoying than running out of hot water during a cold winter season. Water heaters play a significant role in any household. They allow you to enjoy hot water for showering, clothes washing, and dishwashing.  In fact, 20 percent of your household budget is spent on hot water heating, following closely after heating and cooling.  Despite this high … Read More

Sacramento Water and Energy Forecast for 2022

light bulbs by rodolfo clix

There is an urgent call to action for water and energy conservation throughout the year in the Greater Sacramento area. Luckily, detailed below are many different things someone can do in their efforts to conserve these rapidly depleting resources.  One of the first things to address in the conservation of energy around the house is water heaters. One thing that … Read More

How Often Do I Need to Flush My Hot Water Heater Tank in Sacramento?

Drain hot water heater

Any appliance — from one as simple as a toaster to one as complex as your hot water heater — needs maintenance to work properly. One of the most important aspects of hot water heater maintenance is periodically draining its tank to clear it of sediment. Based on our experience as a Sacramento plumbing company, we can tell you how … Read More

Sacramento HVAC and Your Taxes

Income Tax Paperwork

Unless you’re a CPA, odds are better than even that you don’t greet the onset of tax season with a sense of joyous anticipation. For that reason, energy efficiency HVAC upgrades that add energy efficiency save money in more ways than one; you’ll save on your energy bills, and energy efficiency incentives in the form of state and federal HVAC … Read More

What You Need to Know About Sacramento’s Natural Gas Ban

Will natural gas go the way of the dinosaur in CA?

California often leads the nation when it comes to environmental initiatives and the regulations that come in their wake. However, those initiatives don’t always come from the state level; often as not, as with a recent ban on natural gas installations in Sacramento, those changes take place at the local level. When that happens, there tend to be more questions … Read More

Sacramento Home Improvements as Tax Deductions?

paint cans in Sacramento

Tax time is still several months away, but if you’re looking for deductions, the clock is ticking. While we don’t suggest getting too creative (nobody wants an audit, after all) and we also strongly suggest talking any deduction over with your accountant or tax professional, there are some improvements you can make to your home that might cushion the blow … Read More

Cut Energy Costs in Sacramento While Working from Home

Sacramento employee working from home

Several months into the COVID pandemic, we’re all settling into a new normal and all that goes with it. There’ve been some unexpected benefits, like more time with family. And there’ve been some surprising downsides, like expanding waistlines, high anxiety, and even higher energy bills. We can’t help with jitters or snug blue jeans, but when it comes to saving … Read More