Where is the AC Evaporator Coil & How Does It Work?

What is an evaporator coil

If you’ve ever seen the inside of your Sacramento air conditioner system, you’ve likely been surprised — and maybe even a little confused — by all of its many components. Each is important in its way, but without a properly working evaporator coil, it wouldn’t work at all. Since it’s doing so much to keep your home cool and dry, … Read More

Safe Practices for Your Furnace

Safe furnace practices

You know that your furnace generates heat, but you may not know what kinds of risks are involved. The truth is that there are many things you need to watch out for in your furnace, to maintain a safe home for your family. Ensure Proper Ventilation All of your HVAC appliances require appropriate ventilation. Some parts of the system, such … Read More

Utility Room Safety Tips


Whenever you put fuel and electricity together, you have a potent combination that could become hazardous to your health. You should maintain your utility room with a view to improving your indoor air quality and decreasing the risk of fire. This guide identifies ways that you can minimize hazards in proximity to your electrical and HVAC equipment. Ventilate the Space … Read More

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for friends and family to gather at your home, and hopefully not set the place on fire. With these tips, you can keep everyone safe and warm, and maybe even save a little money. Reduce Decoration Clutter When you have a big party, everyone needs plenty of room to move. Clear away decorations and anything … Read More

Does My Furnace Need to Be Replaced?

furnace in Sacramento home

Most people do not wait until their furnaces quit working to replace them. Instead, they make the decision based on the overall efficiency of the furnace, in addition to any repair needs. Buying a new furnace is never inexpensive, but you may get better efficiency and lower heating bills by purchasing a new furnace instead of maintaining an old one. … Read More

Is Duct Cleaning Worth it for My Sacramento Home?

duct cleaning

If you’re like many of our customers, you pride yourself on keeping a clean home. If you’re finding that challenging lately, don’t blame your housekeeping skills. Instead, ask yourself, “Do I need duct cleaning in Sacramento?” Air duct cleaning can keep your HVAC ducts from depositing dust on every visible surface, or even making you sick. Here’s how to know … Read More

Why is My Furnace So Loud?

Furnaces are known to make some noise during regular function. However, these noises are a sign that you may have a problem. The sound of the furnace turning on and off may be no reason to worry, but anything you hear accompanying the normal activity of the furnace should be investigated to rule out damage and needed repairs. Constant Cycling … Read More

What Are Sealed Combustion Appliances?

It may come as no surprise that appliances relying on combustion, such as your furnace or hot water heater, can pose some safety risks. Sealed combustion appliances reduce the risk by changing the source of the air supply. As a result, appliances with sealed combustion are safer, but also more efficient. What is Atmospheric Combustion? In order to understand what … Read More

HVAC in a New Home: Things to Look For

new hvac

You have bought your dream home and just moved in. You can tell the HVAC system is a little different than what you had before. Be on the watch for these aspects of your HVAC system, to know if it is in good condition and when you should hire a professional for service. HVAC and Home Inspections Unlike your home’s … Read More

What is the difference between an air conditioner and a heat pump?

Heat Pump

Some people rely on air conditioners to keep their homes cool. Others use a heat pump. Although these machines sound like they perform totally different functions, they actually work similarly to cool your home effectively. These three questions help you to understand how they compare, and when you might use a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. What Does … Read More