HVAC Tips for Sacramento Pet Owners

Pets pose challenges for HVAC

Our pets bring so much joy into our lives with their affection and crazy antics. If you own (or are the household help for) a dog or cat, you probably can’t imagine your life without them… or the fur on the furniture, and on the bed, and in your morning coffee. It’s not just a housekeeping challenge. It can also make your HVAC system work overtime, and if you’re not careful can even mean repair bills. With a bit of extra care, you won’t have to make as many HVAC repair calls to Ace Plumbing.


Keep Your Pets Groomed

The EPA suggests many ways to improve air quality, but one of the most important is to address the problem at its source. Where your pets are concerned, the best way to do that is to groom them regularly. We know that trips to the groomer can add up quickly (and that frequent shampooing isn’t the best thing for animals’ fur), so supplement them with a simple at-home grooming regimen.


Brushing your pets can help control shedding, since it removes loose fur. It’s especially important for dog and cat breeds that shed badly. It will also help to remove any other allergens  (dust, pollen, and the like) picked up by your furry friend during the day. You may have to take a couple of tries to find a brush your pet likes. Once you do, be sure to brush at least once a day, and more often during times of peak shedding.


Vacuum Often

You’re probably doing this already, and if you’re not, you should be. As you already know, animal hair and dander gets everywhere. Vacuuming often, being sure to get under beds, tables, and other furniture as well as your carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery, is a must. Be sure to vacuum your registers and floor vents as well, since they have a knack for attracting all kinds of filth.


Change Filters Frequently

Your filters will usually be rated for a set amount of time. Ignore this and visually inspect your filters more often than their scheduled changes; pets, like smokers and other indoor pollution sources, can cut down on filter life.


Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Like your filters, your duct work needs occasional cleaning as well. If you’re diligent about HVAC maintenance, it won’t need to be done as often as filter changes. But if you’re negligent about other points in the system, your duct work is going to need deeper and more frequent cleaning.


Invest in an Air Purifier

Clean filters and ductwork will go a long way toward improving indoor air quality. But if you’ve got multiple animals, you may find that you need a bit of an assist. Be sure to ask us about indoor air quality solutions!


Indoor air pollution of any kind can cause a major drop in HVAC efficiency, and can lead to expensive repairs if it’s not addressed. But of course, taking care of your pets won’t only mean your HVAC system lasting longer. It will mean a longer, healthier, and happier life for you and your pet.


Whether you need HVAC service, or a new HVAC installation to keep you and your family — even the four-legged members — more comfortable year ‘round, call Ace Plumbing today!