Joining PVC Pipe

Undertaking any PVC repairs or new installation will involve joining elbows, cup-links or T cup-links. We’re not talking fashion here, just plumbing! Whether you’re doing a small repair or a large PVC job, there are some DIY plumbing tips you should abide by to ensure the job is done correctly. PVC is one on the great inventions of the 20th … Read More

Using Radiant Heat in Homes

Radiant heat systems are a comfortable, efficient way to heat your home. Invisible, too! They supply warmth through wires or tubes that run underneath your floor of your home and heat your home evenly.  A radiant heating system is a great choice for a new home or when renovating/adding additions to your existing home. Even with our warm Sacramento weather, nothing … Read More

How to Snake a Drain

At some point, in most homes, the drain gets clogged. There’s a variety of reasons for the drain blockage but the end result is the same…standing water. You’ve tried a liquid dissolver but no luck. Before you call our Sacramento plumbing professionals, you may want to give a DIY plumbing snake a try. A Plumbing Snake There are a lot … Read More

Types of Home Water Filters

We’re lucky that 85% of our Sacramento water supply comes from area rivers. The Sacramento County Water Agency checks our water hundreds of times each day to ensure that it meets all city/state standards for quality and consumption. It is processed at treatment plants then held in reservoirs before traveling through the Sacramento plumbing pipes and out of our taps … Read More

The History of Home Heating

It that time of year … cooler temperatures on the way and heat going on at night. Our  HVAC Sacramento  experts have been busy tuning up residential and commercial systems for maximum output and savings. Today’s high efficiency systems have come a long way from a stone hearth and logs that barely kept families warm on cold winter nights. Read … Read More

What are dual flush toilets?

As water becomes more scarce across the planet, people are beginning to understand the importance of conservation practices. Studies from the American Water Works Association show that toilets account for up to 45% of total household water waste. Scarce water supply in California makes it even more critical when plumbing Sacramento bathrooms. Energy efficient showers and toilets are now being installed with beautiful new … Read More

Troubleshoot Water Pressure Problems

High water pressure…most of us love it. A lot of water, with great force, is a good thing. Or is it? Actually, high pressure can be damaging to your home’s pipes and waste a lot of water. On the flip side, a trickle of water in the shower due to low water pressure shower is extremely frustrating. So how to find … Read More

Sacramento Plumbing Inspections

Most often, you hear about plumbing inspections for new homes or when problems occur. As experienced Sacramento plumbers, we always ensure your work is completed in a timely and professional manner, simply providing advice if needed. Make sure your residential or commercial plumbing passes code or has a professional evaluation…read on for more information. Home Plumbing Inspections When new homes are … Read More

What causes sewer line gas?

Most of us have experienced bad smells in our home that clearly don’t come from garbage needing to be tossed. Many are easy to fixed with home remedies that can help get rid of odors. Others are much more serious and require immediate attention from a Sacramento plumber. Sewer line gas is one of these. What is sewer gas? Sewer … Read More

Managing Bathroom Mold

Bathroom mold is a fungus that is found in moist and warm areas such as in the shower stalls. Mold has a distinctive look and smell making it easy to identify. The colors can range from pink, black or brown. When a large amount of mold is present, an individual will smell a musty odor. A large amount of mold … Read More