When Should I Replace My Sprinkler System?

Replace Sprinkler

Upgrading Your Sprinkler System

If you are thinking about changing your landscaping, your sprinkler system may need a refresh to accommodate the new design. Here’s where to put your sprinkling system into your upgrade plan to ensure the least hassle or delay.

Prior to Installing New Landscaping

As you start to plan out your summer garden, you might be tempted to rush some aspects of it. The problem with this approach is that you might get some tasks out of order, and make your life harder as a result. Proper watering for your garden and lawn is vital to keep everything alive, and also to protect your investment as a whole. If you are adding significant components to your landscaping, such as a pond, retaining wall or even a couple of raised beds, you should have the sprinkling system planned out before you start digging.

Before the Peak Growing Season

Besides disrupting your summer garden, there are many reasons to avoid digging underground during the best part of the growing season. If your existing sprinkler system is not working well for you, you will have to work extra hard to ensure that your property gets adequate water (but not too much) until you can have a Sacramento plumber come in. This puts a bigger burden on you to invest the time and care to do it properly, without killing plants. If the system is already in place by then, you have nothing to worry about.

Avoiding Winter

There is a perfect spot of time during the fall when your garden needs less watering, and so you could manage with some watering by hand while you get a new sprinkling system put in. The trick is not to wait so long that you risk trying to get it done during the winter. Trying to hack through frozen or very cold ground to put in a sprinkler line is no one’s idea of a good time, and you may find it difficult to test out the sprinkler system without putting the line at risk for frozen or burst pipes. If you do not want to wait until the spring, you should get your sprinkling system upgraded and tested well in advance of winter.

Getting Ahead of the Busy Season

There is a practical reason that you may not want to wait as long as spring, as well. There is a natural season for all kinds of indoor and outdoor home improvements that ramps up dramatically during the spring, then continues through the summer and into early fall. If you really need to change up your irrigation system before next summer, you may need to get it done by early spring at the latest. As an added advantage, if you book early, you may get your choice of times that work best for you.

Installing a new sprinkler system could be an excellent choice for next year, when you time it properly. If you are interested in learning more about the sprinkling system that is ideal for your landscaping plans, contact the experts at Ace Plumbing.