Protect Your AC Unit from Theft

Protect Your AC Unit from Theft

The price of scrap copper is creeping up toward three dollars a pound, to say nothing of other types of scrap metal. That could be bad news for Sacramento homeowners. That’s because your HVAC unit is a prime target for theft and resale. Even a failed attempt can lead to extensive damage and expensive HVAC repair. Follow these tips from … Read More

Lowering AC Costs in the Summertime

Tips for maintaining HVAC

When the temperature climbs, most of us in the Sacramento area find our energy bills climbing right along with it. Believe it or not, you can stay cool this summer, and still keep your cool when the electric bill comes, with these simple tips from Ace Plumbing that can lower your air conditioning costs this summer.   Get a Smart … Read More

When Is It Time to Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances?

time to upgrade kitchen bathroom

  Ace Plumbing gets plenty of calls from Sacramento homeowners ahead of remodels, since we’ve helped make their kitchens, bathrooms, and much more feel like home. But what if you’re years from a remodel? That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a new dishwasher, or the installation of a new shower head or toilet. Here’s how to know if it’s … Read More

Spring Plumbing Tips to Save Money

Whether you realize it or not, wintertime can do a number on your plumbing, so it’s a good idea to take a few small steps now to prevent problems (and save money) later. Here’s what you can do, and when you should call your plumbing experts in Sacramento. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, take time in rooms that have … Read More

How to Prep Your Air Conditioner for Spring


The gentleman in the picture above is one Willis Haviland Carrier. He’s the inventor of modern air conditioning, so we owe him our thanks for making California summers more bearable. The poor fella would cringe if he saw the condition some people leave their A/C units in, especially after a long winter. To honor his memory — and to keep … Read More