Hydro-Jetting: What it is, and When You Need It

Hydro-jetting gets results

Lately we’ve used this space to explain the many ways that homeowners can save money on their heating and cooling, plumbing, and drainage issues. Today, we’re turning our attention to plumbing for Sacramento business owners. Specifically, let’s take a closer look at hydro-jetting. What is it, and when might your business need it?   Why Hydro-Jetting? Some clogs are easy … Read More

Signs that Your Floor Drains Need to be Cleaned


Some Sacramento homeowners live in fear of burst or leaky pipes. That’s understandable, since they can cause widespread damage in your home. There’s another potential trouble source you might be neglecting: your floor drains. Ace Plumbing gives you the common warning signs that these drains need to be cleaned, and what you need to do.   Know Your Floor Drains … Read More

4 Things Never to Put Down the Drain


You may have heard never to put oils or corrosive solvents down the drain. The list contains other items as well, and some that you might not expect. Here’s what you need to avoid, and why. Fats and Oils If you can imagine what happens when fats, oils and grease get cold, you can understand why they present such a … Read More