Understanding Energy Star Ratings

Understanding Energy Star Ratings

The Energy Star rating was introduced in 1992. First seen on computer monitors and towers, it was on all kinds of appliances before too long. Many of us look for the Energy Star label, but just as many haven’t given that much thought to what it means. Ace Plumbing has assembled this quick explainer so our customers from Sacramento to … Read More

The Ace Plumbing HVAC FAQ

Get the FAQs on HVAC

From Sacramento to Fresno and Woodland, people call Ace Plumbing with their HVAC questions. Some are common, others much less so. Since we can’t possibly cover every conceivable question in this space, we invite you to call us at 916-455-4548 for the right answers and HVAC solutions you need.   What is HVAC, Anyway? HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and … Read More

How New Tech has Impacted HVAC and Plumbing

Smart home technology can save energy.

The old cliche assures us that they don’t make things like they used to. It’s usually meant as a pejorative when something breaks prematurely, but sometimes it’s also good news. Just look at HVAC and plumbing; there’s a lot there that’s not made like it used to be, and that’s translated into products and solutions that save money, reduce the … Read More

How to Improve Energy Efficiency with the Right Thermostat for the Home

Set the air conditioning

We’ve seen a lot more hybrids on the roads around Sacramento and Folsom than we used to. We wonder how many of those drivers know that their home heating and cooling needs contribute more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than their cars. Whether you’re concerned with saving the environment, or you’re just looking at it from the viewpoint of lowering … Read More