Lowering AC Costs in the Summertime

Tips for maintaining HVAC

When the temperature climbs, most of us in the Sacramento area find our energy bills climbing right along with it. Believe it or not, you can stay cool this summer, and still keep your cool when the electric bill comes, with these simple tips from Ace Plumbing that can lower your air conditioning costs this summer.   Get a Smart … Read More

Taking Advantage of HVAC Tax Credits

Federal and State tax credits are available for HVAC

With tax season finally coming to a close, the lucky ones among us are wondering how to spend those refund checks, while many in the Sacramento area are already looking ahead to how they can save money on next year’s taxes. If you’re eyeing a new HVAC system, you don’t need a tax refund to offset your cost. A quick … Read More

The Ace Plumbing HVAC FAQ

Get the FAQs on HVAC

From Sacramento to Fresno and Woodland, people call Ace Plumbing with their HVAC questions. Some are common, others much less so. Since we can’t possibly cover every conceivable question in this space, we invite you to call us at 916-455-4548 for the right answers and HVAC solutions you need.   What is HVAC, Anyway? HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and … Read More

How to Choose the Right HVAC for Your Commercial Building

Choosing the right HVAC for your business or commercial building

If you’re running a business, you’re often operating on razor-thin margins and you prefer to leave as little up to chance as possible. If you need a commercial HVAC system, it’s not a problem solved by a simple Google search. A call to Ace Plumbing, however, can get you much closer to a solution. Here are some tips to choose … Read More

HVAC Tips for Sacramento Pet Owners

Pets pose challenges for HVAC

Our pets bring so much joy into our lives with their affection and crazy antics. If you own (or are the household help for) a dog or cat, you probably can’t imagine your life without them… or the fur on the furniture, and on the bed, and in your morning coffee. It’s not just a housekeeping challenge. It can also … Read More

How New Tech has Impacted HVAC and Plumbing

Smart home technology can save energy.

The old cliche assures us that they don’t make things like they used to. It’s usually meant as a pejorative when something breaks prematurely, but sometimes it’s also good news. Just look at HVAC and plumbing; there’s a lot there that’s not made like it used to be, and that’s translated into products and solutions that save money, reduce the … Read More

How to Improve Energy Efficiency with the Right Thermostat for the Home

Set the air conditioning

We’ve seen a lot more hybrids on the roads around Sacramento and Folsom than we used to. We wonder how many of those drivers know that their home heating and cooling needs contribute more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than their cars. Whether you’re concerned with saving the environment, or you’re just looking at it from the viewpoint of lowering … Read More

Answers to Common HVAC Questions

HVAC Repair

Winter may seem like it’s gone on forever, but it’ll be over before you know it. That means transitioning from heat back to air conditioning, and it also means you’re likely to have some questions about your HVAC system maintenance. Fear not; the experts at Ace Plumbing are here to demystify your heating and air conundrums and answer the most … Read More

Common HVAC Issues and When To Call a Professional

hvac service

Google is lovely, but there are times when it’s decidedly unhelpful. Medical issues would be a prime example (everything from a paper cut to a stubbed toe turns out to be cancer). Another is common HVAC issues, since the pros at Ace Plumbing often find ourselves having to undo problems caused by well-intentioned do-it-yourselfers. So how can you identify common … Read More

A Quick Guide to Space Heater Safety

space heater

The National Fire Protection Association states that space heaters account for 40% of home heating fires… and 84% of home heating fire fatalities. If you use a space heater or are considering buying one, there are a few things Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning would like you to know for your safety. Choosing the Right Space Heater Let’s start … Read More