What Features Do You Need in a New Toilet?

new toilet system

At present, you could spend less than $100 or several thousand for a new toilet, depending on what you want. Think about what you need, what you hope for and what you could not care less about. This guide helps you identify the features you are looking for, to narrow down the best choices for you.

Installation and Basic Function

In the basic design of the toilet, there are two types: toilets with two pieces and toilets in one piece. Toilets with two pieces are often less expensive, but you have to clean dust and debris from between the two components. One-piece toilets can be heavier, more expensive and harder to install. If you are hiring plumbers in Sacramento to install your toilet, you may not have to worry about installation that is marginally more complicated.

Cleaning Features

Many modern toilets come with some features that make it easier to clean. After-market products that you add to the bowl or the tank are often inefficient and may cause problems down the line. Instead, you might consider purchasing a toilet that releases water in a single stream over one that dribbles water into the bowl from several holes. This approach often leads to a more effective flush and less buildup of minerals.


If you want using the toilet to be a true luxury, you have virtually unlimited options in the technologies available. You are probably aware of bidet systems being used internationally for decades, to allow you to get clean without wiping or using toilet paper. You can add to that options to heat the seat, lower the lid gradually without the risk it will slam, and even smart technology to flush the toilet remotely.


In the past, more water meant a more powerful flush. These days, there are ways to make a toilet flush more efficiently without having to use quite as much water. You could purchase a two-step flushing toilet, which has a different level of flush for liquid and a stronger one for solid waste. Many experts will tell you that the type of flush you want is based more on noise preference than efficiency. If you want to increase your flushing efficiency, purchase a low-flow toilet and commit to limiting how much you are flushing at one time.

Disability Access

There are two heights for typical toilets on the market: the standard 15” height and the 17” “comfort height.” You will find that the latter is much more common these days, since it is a requirement for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and also because a lot of people find it easier to stand up. If you are a smaller person or have a house full of small children, however, you might want to look for the few models still offering the lower standard height.

Toilets are a wondrous variety, with options at virtually every price point. By looking at your choices, you can stick to your budget and find a toilet that works best for you. To discover which toilets might be perfect for your home, contact Ace Plumbing.