Air conditioning used to be thought of as a luxury. But if you live in the Sacramento area, there’s no denying it’s a necessity. That’s why Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning offers ductless air conditioning installations and replacements for homeowners seeking an efficient alternative, and ductless AC repairs and maintenance that help you get the most out of your system.

How Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Work?

In most respects, a ductless air conditioner, also called a ductless split system, works the same as any other air conditioner, exchanging heat for cooler air. But there are some important differences, too. One’s right in the name: a ductless system, unlike a typical central air conditioner, doesn’t use ducts, making it perfect for homes with hot water heat. The other: some systems are effectively “reversible,” so you can use them for heating as well as cooling. 

How Long Does a Ductless Air Conditioner Last?

Good question. On average, they’ll last 15 to 20 years, though we’ve seen them last longer if you started with a high-quality system and you’ve been diligent about upkeep. We suggest taking full advantage of our Sacramento furnace maintenance

Is it Time to Replace My Ductless AC?

This can be complicated since age isn’t the only reason to replace a ductless AC unit. The warning signs below can be a good indication, and a consultation with a Sacramento HVAC professional is helpful if you’re still on the fence.

  • Pay attention to the sounds your system makes as it cycles; when they change, that’s often a sign that something is wrong
  • If you notice condensation on your windows or puddling around the indoor or outdoor unit, call us to check it
  • If you notice mold or mildew growth, that can trace back to your air conditioning or your plumbing; we’re equipped to deal with both
  • Indoor air quality problems sometimes also trace back to your AC
  • Higher utility bills may also be a sign that your system isn’t as efficient as it once was

Sometimes a repair or routine maintenance is enough to address these issues and to help even an older system power through another season. But at some point, the expense of maintaining, running, and fixing an older system means that it’s cheaper to install a new system.

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Cost in Sacramento

A central air system’s cost is dictated by materials and labor, but because it’s a single system that cost tends to be straightforward. Because a ductless system can require more than one unit for optimal operation, and because each home’s needs are different, it’s not the kind of thing that gets a one-size-fits-all cost. So we’ll evaluate your structure’s needs, provide you with a written quote, and get right to work once you’re fully informed.

Energy Efficiency Rebates for Ductless Systems

Something else to bear in mind: both the federal government and the state of California offer home heating efficiency rebates and tax credits. These can be a great way to save money on your installation now, so you can save money on your utility spend later.

Why Ace Plumbing?

There are many licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC professionals in the Sacramento area, so why Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning? Because we’re not a one-trick pony. We’re a one-stop-shop for your installations, maintenance, repairs, and the capability to address your plumbing needs, too. We don’t just work harder for your business. We work hard to earn your trust!

Ductless AC Service: Getting in Touch with Your Sacramento HVAC Pros

Whatever you need, and whenever you need it (literally—we’re on call 24/7/365) is as close as your next call to Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, so get in touch today!