Are you looking for a new home heating system? Here’s a number that will give you pause: an estimated 42% of your home energy spending is going toward heating your home. Thanks to a milder climate, those numbers can be lower in California than they’d be somewhere colder, but if you have an inefficient HVAC system, you could also be spending more than the average, mild winters or not.

A new boiler installation from Ace Plumbing can help more than you think!

Average Lifespan of a Boiler

How long will your boiler last? Like a new water heater, your boiler won’t last forever. But you can expect about fifteen years of service from your boiler as long as you maintain it well.

Signs it’s Time for a Boiler Replacement

Averages are useful, but some systems will last longer, and others won’t. When you’re not the home’s first owner, it can feel like a guessing game. So how do you know it’s time to replace it?

Boiler Age

Let’s say your boiler seems to work fine and hasn’t given you any major problems. Should you replace it anyway? Maybe. Today’s boilers are far more efficient than the ones built a decade ago or longer. Combine a high-efficiency boiler with a smart thermostat and you may be shocked to see how much you save.

Climbing Utility Bills

A boiler that isn’t maintained well loses efficiency too. As a result, it may still heat your Sacramento home to the right temperature, but it has to work longer and harder to do so, and that, in turn, means you spend more on gas or electricity.

Frequent Repairs

Time and use take their toll on anything mechanical, and boilers are no exception. Even maintenance can’t prevent every last problem. So if you’re seeing repairs coming more often, or getting more expensive, you’ll soon reach a point where a boiler replacement is simply more cost-effective.

Your Home Feels Different

Sometimes the signs aren’t so obvious. Your home may take longer to warm up. There may be a change in indoor air quality. Your boiler’s flame may be an orange color instead of blue, or you may notice an unusual smell as the boiler cycles. Don’t ignore these signs; call Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. We can repair or replace your boiler, or we may also find that another factor—like poor insulation around your home—is to blame.

Boiler or Furnace?

Many people use the terms “boiler” and “furnace” interchangeably. They’re not quite the same thing, however. So how do they differ, and which is best for your home?

Furnaces and Forced Air Heat

What differentiates a new furnace installation from a boiler? Essentially, it’s a difference in what’s being heated, which in turn creates a difference in how each heat. Furnaces heat air, then move it through your home using ductwork. In this regard, they work the same as central air conditioning, and can even use the same ductwork. 

Furnaces work fast. They have a lower up-front installation cost, and newer systems are efficient in ways that older units weren’t. But they come with some disadvantages, too. Like central air, a furnace can recirculate contaminants. And if your home isn’t well-insulated, you may find that it cools about as quickly as it warmed up. 

Boilers and Hot Water Heat

So how does a boiler heat? Unlike older boilers, which used high temperatures and pressure to circulate hot water for heating, modern boilers work at lower temperatures, which makes them safer. Radiant heat is gentler, and won’t be noticeable quite as quickly, because it heats a radiator or baseboard. However, you’ll still get some residual heat even after the system cycles down. Besides being more asthma and allergy-friendly, a boiler is also quieter than a forced-air system. 

But radiant heat has some disadvantages, too. These include a higher up-front cost to install, and considerable complexity if you’re converting a home. Furthermore, boilers can also leak at various points, which in turn can cause damage to your home, making maintenance extremely important.

How To Choose the Right Boiler For Your Sacramento Home

There are better ways than brand and price to shop for a new boiler. Consider the following as well.

  • Proper sizing for your home heating system is just as important as it is for central air.
  • Your home’s architecture makes a difference, too; homes with ducting but no radiators or baseboard may be better suited to a furnace, though if you’re gutting and remodeling, all options are on the table.
  • Your air quality and energy-efficiency concerns matter, too, since each type of system has both advantages and drawbacks in these areas. Ace Plumbing will consult with you to ensure the right choice.

Trust Ace Plumbing For Your Boiler Install/Replacement

We’re aware that we are not the only HVAC company serving the Sacramento area. But we work hard to earn your trust, as much as your business; besides being bonded, insured, and licensed, it’s our experience—decades’ worth of it—that makes the difference. For installation services, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair service, get in touch with Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning today!