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Ready for a Toasty Sacramento Winter?

Although Sacramento winters aren't as extreme as the polar vortex, they can still get quite chilly. This is where a dependable furnace becomes essential. Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning can offer you a high-quality furnace installation and repairs that will endure for years and assist you in saving money. Our company has been providing heating solutions since 1987, so you can rely on our experienced technicians to take care of your heating needs with expertise and professionalism.

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Types of Furnaces

There’s more than one way to heat your home, and each method has its perks and drawbacks.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are safe, effective, and efficient. They pose less of a fire risk and no carbon monoxide risk. With that said, the cost of electricity is much higher than the cost of natural gas, giving an electric furnace a somewhat higher than average operating cost.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces require your home to be plumbed for gas, which isn’t the case in every home. Furthermore, they do pose a slight carbon monoxide and fire risk, but these risks are easily mitigated with regular home heating tune-ups. The biggest advantage of gas? Cost, since a gas furnace has a lower operating cost than an electric one.


Rather than heating and moving air, boilers heat water that’s circulated through baseboards, radiators, in-floor coils, and other delivery systems. While the heat isn’t as instantaneous, it’s gentle and effective (especially since radiant heat is keeping the room warm long after the boiler has run through its cycle). Many older homes have boilers installed, but homeowners may find converting from a furnace to a boiler (or vice versa) is cost-prohibitive.

Heat Pumps and Split Systems

Heat pumps and split systems have many of the advantages of an electric furnace, with a twist: they’re often much more efficient. They’re also ideally suited to places like Sacramento, where winters are milder, and some systems combine heating and cooling features in a single unit. The technology, while proven, is still a bit more expensive because these systems aren’t nearly as common; we expect prices to drop with economies of scale.

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Is it Time to Replace My Furnace?

That’s a good question. An New Window aged furnace is a prime candidate for replacement, since repair bills begin to accumulate, and even an old furnace that’s still working well thanks to good maintenance won’t be nearly as efficient as a newer unit. Look for these signs that it’s time to replace.

  • Each furnace has characteristic startup, running, and shutdown sounds; when these change, it’s often a sign of trouble
  • A furnace should always have a blue flame; when it’s discolored, you run the risk of a carbon monoxide leak
  • Soot, scorching, or burn marks in the vicinity of your furnace should likewise never be ignored
  • Climbing utility bills are an indication that your furnace is losing efficiency
  • Lower indoor air quality, unusual smells, or anything else that seems unusual should be addressed as soon as possible

Some of these issues can be solved with a repair that can get you through another season (or more, if your furnace is still relatively new). But sooner or later, simple mathematics dictates that a new furnace is less expensive than repeated repairs or a lack of safe operation. We’re always happy to inspect your system and suggest the best course of action.

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Need A Furnace Replacement? Hire An ACE!

A furnace will last an average of 18 to 20 years. There are some caveats involved here. Some less-expensive contractor-grade furnaces aren’t of the highest quality, and won’t last nearly as long. Likewise, even the best furnace can fall victim to neglect, necessitating furnace repair if you don’t perform regular New Window Sacramento furnace maintenance.


Furnace Installation Cost in Sacramento

Furnace replacement costs vary widely since there are many “moving parts” to your estimate. The type of system installed, the existing ductwork, the quality of the components, the BTU and energy efficiency ratings, the level of complexity for the installation, and labor all matter. With so many variables, a one-size-fits-all estimate is as impossible as finding a one-size-fits-all furnace. We will properly size your system, identify your budget and goals, and provide you with a written estimate.

Home Heating Rebates

Concerned with costs? There’s something you should know. Both California and the federal government offer tax credits and home heating efficiency rebates that can offset the cost of a furnace installation. Combine those with the money saved on your utility bill and it’s clear that an energy-efficient furnace is money well spent!

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