Cold water may be refreshing on a hot day, but it’s not always best for dishes, clothes, or a relaxing shower. Whether you’re looking for a water heater repair, a new installation, or alternatives to traditional models, Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help.

How Long Does a Hot Tank Water Heater Last?

A hot water heater won’t last forever like anything else in your home. In fact, the average hot water heater lasts 8 to 12 years.

Factors That Impact the Lifespan of a Tank Water Heater

If you’re not the first homeowner, you may not know when it was installed. It may still be providing you with hot water. However, replacement may still be a good idea because newer models are more cost-effective to operate and may qualify for energy efficiency rebates for EnergyStar-rated appliances.

Common Hot Tank Water Heater Problems in Sacramento

While a hot water heater isn’t as complex as a new furnace installation or a new air conditioner, there are still more parts than you may realize, and things can go wrong. Maintenance can forestall many common problems, but repairs are an occasional fact of life. If you see these signs, it’s time to call a professional for hot tank water heater services:

  • Water discoloration
  • Strange sounds or smells when hot water runs
  • Unpredictable changes in water temperature
  • Leaks 
  • Discolored burner flames, signs of soot, or scorching
  • Higher utility bills

When is it time to Replace An Old Water Heater

Some repairs are quick, inexpensive, and easy. But even small repairs add up, and if they occur more often, a replacement can be more cost-effective. Something else that can be a signal to replace: you’re frequently running out of hot water. This often happens when your family grows and places more demand on the system than it can handle. Unsure whether it’s time to replace it? Call us at 916-455-4548. We’ll evaluate what you have and your usage patterns, so we can make suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

For many years, a tank water heater was the only choice available. But these days, you have other options that are more energy-efficient since they don’t need to heat dozens of gallons at a time. Hybrid water heaters (which work similarly to a heat pump) are an increasingly popular newer technology. Tankless water heaters, which heat water on demand rather than heating and storing, are a proven technology you may also want to explore. Every hot water heater has its advantages and its drawbacks. We can help you find the one that best fits your needs now and in the future.

The Right Choice for Sacramento Hot Water Heater Service

Whether you’re remodeling your home, replacing an outdated water heater, or simply needing water heater repair, the Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning team is at your service. While you’re always welcome to schedule a big job in advance, we also know that emergencies can—and usually do—occur at the worst possible time. That’s why our bonded, licensed, and insured technicians are available for 24/7 emergency service and a full range of other plumbing services in the Sacramento area.