If you're located in the greater Sacramento area, it's essential to maintain your air conditioning unit properly to ensure that it lasts a minimum of 10-15 years. Regular AC maintenance and occasional tune-ups can help achieve this. That's why Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning offers dependable AC maintenance services to help you keep your air conditioning system in top condition. With our expertise, you can ensure that your new air conditioning installations meet their expected lifespan.

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Common Types of Air Conditioning Units in Sacramento

If you’ve moved on from box fans and window units, your Sacramento home probably has one of the following types of air conditioning units.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is popular because it’s efficient and reliable. Here in the Sacramento area, where forced air heating is common, it’s good for another reason: both systems can share the same ductwork.

Heat Pumps

Heat pump installations are a newer development, using heat transfer to both heat and cool the air. They’re more efficient than other traditional heating and cooling methods.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Not every home has ducts, and even homes that do may need to condition spaces where the installation of ductwork would be impractical or prohibitively expensive. Because a ductless AC system installs through the wall, it’s a great alternative in many cases.

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Why Sacramento Homeowners Need Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Like a car engine, lawnmower, or anything else with a lot of moving parts and complex systems, an air conditioner is subject to wear and tear with frequent use. If the essentials aren’t addressed—cleaning, adjustment, lubricating key parts, and checking electronics—you could face expensive New Window air conditioning repairs later. And maintenance becomes even more important with every passing year your system is in operation.

Mind you, not every air conditioning problem can be prevented with maintenance. Storm damage, overheating caused by a blocked intake, and certain types of thermostat problems, for instance, can occur at any time. But broadly speaking, an AC tune-up is a great way to spend a little to save a lot.

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Common AC Problems

Some air conditioning problems are a sign that it’s time for repairs. But in many cases, a little TLC from a Sacramento HVAC professional goes a long way.

Unusual Smells

Improper drainage can lead to a musty or stale smell in your system. That, in turn, can also be a precursor to allergies and asthma. The inspection and cleaning we perform help preserve indoor air quality.


Air conditioning systems use coolant to do their job, and they need lubrication of several key parts to ensure everything runs smoothly. They also dehumidify the air, so there will be some water runoff. Each of these fluids has its place, but if you’re seeing them where they shouldn’t be, you should call us to make sure something isn’t leaking or that a drain isn’t obstructed.

Short Cycling

When you have a thermostat problem, a short in the wiring, or other issues with the power supply, you may experience short-cycling, where the system turns on and off in relatively rapid succession instead of running a full cycle. We inspect and adjust electrical components to ensure that this is less likely to happen.

Other Common AC Issues

Maintenance also helps to prevent other problems. Screeching and rattling noises? We tighten loose parts, inspect motors, and make sure belts are tight. Poor indoor air quality? We’ll make sure you’re using the best-quality filters for your system. And a well-maintained system is far less likely to blow warm air when you want, and need, it to be ice cold.

How Homeowners Can Prolong HVAC System Life

Of course, we encourage you to contact Contact New Window Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for New Window air conditioning tune-ups. But there are also things you can do between visits to prolong the life of your system.

  • Keep the area around your outdoor unit clean and free of obstructions and debris
  • Maintain proper indoor clearance around air intakes and vents, keeping window treatments, furniture, and decor at a safe distance
  • And of course, be diligent about filter changes

For everything else, the air conditioning help you need is a click or call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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