Things to Know Before Replacing a Bathtub in Your Home


Whether you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom or you simply want to add function, bathtub replacement projects require meticulous planning. Regardless of how short or long your bathtub replacement project is, it’s not a DIY project. The process involves critical details like removing pipes, flooring, walls, and fittings. If you need a proper bathtub replacement, you … Read More

Protect Your Sprinkler System for Winter in the greater Sacramento area


Sprinkler systems offer a reliable, efficient, and low-effort way to water your landscape in summer. While they’re excellent at helping you care for your lawn, it doesn’t mean they themselves don’t need their own maintenance. Once the cold weather rolls in, you must protect the system as it is vulnerable to freezing and other cold damage. At Ace Plumbing Heating … Read More

Pros and Cons of Hot Water Dispensers in the Greater Sacramento Area

hot water dispenser

With the advancement of technology today, you don’t have to waste your precious time getting hot water in your kitchen. Instant hot water dispensers are an excellent kitchen addition as they provide access to hot water anytime you need it. They’re also easy to install and maintain. However, many people lack enough information to help them make an informed purchase. … Read More

Can Cold Weather in the Greater Sacramento Affect the Boiler?


As the cold weather sets in, many people in the greater Sacramento area are staying on top of their heating systems to keep their homes as warm as possible. All is well until the boiler stops working. Despite being designed to work in the coolest temperatures, boilers are not immune to winter effects. Even if you regularly service it, the … Read More

Is Replacing a Heat Pump in the Greater Sacramento Area Worth It?


Heat pumps help to move heat from one place to another using a compressor and a circulating structure of gas refrigerant or liquid, through which heat is extracted from external sources and pumped indoors. Pumping heat has several advantages, such as using less electricity. During summer, you can reverse the cycle to act like an air conditioner.  However, like any … Read More

Benefits of Upgrading Your Heating System in the Greater Sacramento Area

Room thermometer

The cold season is coming up. It’s time to take out your winter blankets, jackets, and boots, but what about your heater? Is it ready to keep you warm? While it doesn’t really get snowy in Sacramento, it’s worth preparing your home for the cold season to keep everyone comfortable. The last thing you want is to get slapped with … Read More

Tips For Protecting Your Boiler In Cold Weather in the Greater Sacramento Area

Boiler at home

The winter weather is quickly approaching and that means people are beginning to think about their furnaces and boilers. It is very important to protect your boilers in cold weather to ensure that you have heat inside your house or business throughout the cold winter months. Read on for tips on how to protect your boiler during cold weather. How … Read More

Portable Air Conditioner vs Ductless Mini-Split, Which is Best for Me?

Room with air conditioner

For decades, people have been enjoying central air conditioning in their homes as well as window air conditioners, but in today’s world, there are two other options. You can choose between a portable air conditioner that you can move from room to room when you are trying to stay cool in different areas of your home or you can opt … Read More