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A sprinkler system should be designed to fit your lawn and landscaping providing you with years of reliable service. Ace plumbers and technicians know Sacramento plumbing, they will provide a system that will reduce water usage and loss and beautify your property.

Sprinkler & Irrigation Installation

For some jobs, it’s enough to know that you can call a plumber for a speedy repair and installation. But not all plumbers come with the same qualifications and experience; one area in which this is most apparent is backflow prevention. This specialized plumbing service is just one of the many reasons Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning stands out when you’re looking for plumbing service in the greater Sacramento area.

Sprinklers Versus Irrigation Systems

In the broadest possible sense, a sprinkler and irrigation systems do the same thing: get water to thirsty plants. But the way they do it is different. Sprinklers water the surface, whereupon water filters through the soil to the root system. Irrigation systems, on the other hand, water close to the roots. So even though we often use the terms interchangeably, there’s a difference. Because different plants have different needs, it’s common for a home or business to use elements of both systems. 

Designing an Effective Sprinkler or Irrigation System

If you don’t have an irrigation system or suspect that a new one may be in order, it helps to understand the process behind installation so we’re designing a system that’s precisely tailored to your needs.

Understand Your Plants

“How does my garden grow?” isn’t just a nursery rhyme. It’s a great question to start with when you’re considering installing a new irrigation system. Knowing what you have and what it needs for shade, water, and nutrients will play into your design. So, too, will the new plants that you’re introducing. It helps to find native plants (the California Native Plant Society has guidance) and those that are best suited to Region 9B (the climate zone of Sacramento and the surrounding area). Already have an irrigation system? Depending on how your landscaping has changed over time, it may need to be retooled.

Direct the Water

There are two considerations here. First is the right amount of water since too much water causes rot, and not enough will leave your lawn and plants looking sickly. Second is the placement of the water; on one hand, you don’t need to water your deck or your Toyota; on the other, different plants benefit from different amounts of water. Make sure the right amounts go to the right places.

Help Your System

You can do other things to conserve water, which should be considered part of your landscape design. Using permeable pavers, stone, or gravel as part of your hardscaping returns water to the soil instead of losing it to runoff.  Mulching helps retain moisture and cool root systems. Mowing higher helps grass shade its root system, meaning you may mow more but water less often. 

Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation

Design is important, but it’s only the first step. As we’ve already seen, a good system gets just enough water exactly where it’s needed. You’ll not get that from a length of garden hose and a handful of sprinklers bought at a home improvement store. And while it’s tempting to call a landscaper — after all, they know plants like nobody’s business — this really is a job best left to a plumber. 

Here’s why: proper installation is more than just running and connecting pipes. Backflow device installation, proper site grading, and proper water pressure all play a vital part too. And as homes become more efficient thanks to advances in smart home technology, we can help there, too; smarter irrigation systems can be targeted and timed more precisely to prevent overwatering, saving your plants and your money at the same time.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Repairs

Just like any other plumbing, sprinkler systems need maintenance (including winterizing and line flushing) and the occasional repair. 

  • The plants and trees that give your home that je ne sais quoi can necessitate sewer and water main repair, and damage sprinkler systems 
  • Seismic activity and ground shifting can cause breaks and leaks
  • Mineral buildup can clog sprinkler heads and pipes
  • Outdoor activities, kids, pets, and errant mowers can damage sprinkler heads
  • Irrigation filtration clogs, especially if you’re drawing on well water
  • Underground leaks can cause root rot and weed growth
  • Electronics, like control systems and water systems, can develop shorts, battery failure, or simple filth that cause an improper function

So call us anytime on any day of the year if you need sprinkler system repair, water main repair, or anything else that deals with your outdoor plumbing repair.

Why Call Ace Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for Sprinkler and Irrigation Services?

It’s a truism that you want the right tools for the job. But this is one instance where having the right people for the job matters just as much. Take advantage of the experience that Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning brings to every irrigation repair and installation and get in touch with us today!

Save Water and Money

With our region’s unreliable water supplies, it’s important to manage water usage carefully. Saving water should be a top priority, and Ace can help. With a new irrigation system from Ace, you’ll save water and money over the lifetime of the system. Call Ace Plumbing now to get an estimate.

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