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Your toilet accounts for about 26% of your Sacramento home’s water usage. If your toilet is inefficient, or if it leaks, that figure could be much higher; after all, the average home loses 200 gallons per day to leaks, and when you have a leaky toilet you might not even notice — even though those leaks add up to hundreds, or even thousands, of extra dollars spent on water over time. With a wide range of other Sacramento home plumbing services, when it’s time for toilet repairs or a new toilet installation in the Sacramento area, it’s time to call Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning!

Toilet Repair in Sacramento

For a relatively simple fixture, toilets can develop many different problems. Perhaps you need to jiggle the handle after you flush so the water doesn’t run all night. Maybe you’ve got a leak. Or perhaps that overindulgent meal left behind a clog that’s messy and frightening. Some of these problems have clear causes, but in other cases, your toilet is just one link in a chain of problems (as is often the case with backflow prevention). For a repair you can trust, get in touch with us.

Avoiding Toilet Repairs

How can you avoid a visit from the plumber? One of the most important is to avoid flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed. Food should go in the trash, not down the drain or toilet. Cleaning products, drugs, and medication can damage plumbing and won’t do your septic system any favors if you have one. And a wide range of things that are advertised as “flushable”, from baby wipes to kitty litter, isn’t. We also don’t suggest using anything other than a plunger for clogs since many plumbing tools can create new problems if they’re misused.

Toilet Replacement in Sacramento

Repairs aren’t the only reason that Sacramento homeowners pick up the phone. Sometimes they want to know how long a toilet lasts or if there are other reasons for a toilet replacement. We can help with that, too.


Toilets can last for decades — up to fifty years. That doesn’t mean keeping that old toilet is a good idea, however. As we’re about to see, there are many other reasons a toilet might need replacement.


California’s standards for water efficiency cap toilets at 1.28 gallons per flush, which is far lower than the two gallons per flush or more of many older toilets. If you’re trying to save water, this is a great place to start. And if you’re remodeling, the toilet will be one of the items the inspection checks for.


Porcelain can develop cracks, chips, and surface wear. That, in turn, can lead to all kinds of microorganisms and pathogens that you’d probably rather not think about. A wobbly toilet, in turn, can also need replacement, especially if that wobble is due to underlying rot that can be hazardous.

Frequent Repairs

Anything wears out over time, and the components of your toilet are no exception. If you notice the repair costs adding up, you’ll soon reach a point where a new toilet is simply more cost-effective.


Newer toilets aren’t just more efficient. They’re also designed differently. Their height, width, and length are extended compared to older models, which makes them more comfortable, more accessible, and even easier to clean. If the layout of your bathroom permits, a newer design has several benefits.

Choosing a Replacement Toilet

Whether you’re replacing your old toilet or remodeling for a more modern bathroom, you have more toilet choices than you realize. Some of these aren’t common in-home use (waterless toilets are more often found in RVs, tiny houses, and marine applications, for instance), but we can help you choose among traditional gravity-fed toilets or more modern alternatives like pressure-assisted, dual flush, and dual cyclone toilets. We’ll also help you choose a bowl height and shape that fit your decor while increasing comfort, install a bidet, or discuss wall-hung toilets that seamlessly fit the modern decor.

Call for Toilet Replacement and Repairs

Many of us think of our home as our castle. So if you need a bit of help with your “throne,” call Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for 24/7 plumbing repair service, new plumbing fixtures, drain clearing and cleaning, and more.


Homeowners and commercial customers now qualify for rebates on new low-flow toilet installations. Low-flow toilets work far better today than in previous years. New designs use pressure to assist the flush and consume less water than traditional toilets.
Low-flow toilets save a tremendous amount of water. Call Ace at 916-455-4548, and we will explain your options and give you the best price.

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