Sewer Services & Repairs in Sacramento

Clogged drain in Sacramento

Drain Cleaning & Clearing

Are slow or clogged drains causing problems? You may need an expert drain cleaning by a qualified Sacramento plumber. We service residential and commercial sinks, tubs, and toilets — clogs of all kinds. We can also repair garbage disposals and offer sludge and grease removal. Our commercial drain cleaning services keeps your commercial drains flowing freely.

video inspection

Video Inspection

With state-of-the-art video inspection tehcnology, we can quickly discover what’s going on in your plumbing system. Video pipe inspection technology provides real-time visual inspection of underground piping to assess the condition inside. A flexible fiber-optic cable with a video camera on it is pushed through the pipe and records the process.


Are your drains sluggish or clogged with mud and debris? The expert technicians at Ace Plumbing use a powerful hydro-jetter system to blast out blockages from your drain lines. Using up to 4000psi in the main lines, the hydro-jetter cleans the lines of whatever may be blocking them. Restaurants and other commercial establishments require frequent hydro-jetting to keep drains flowing freely.

Septic Service

We use reliable and cost-effective video equipment to inspect your septic lines for the location of any problem. Ace provides complete septic service including hydro-jetting, catch basin cleaning, excavation, and drain and sewer line cleaning.