Bathroom Remodeling Trends: What’s “In” Right Now?

Statistically speaking, the bathroom is one of the first rooms that new homeowners remodel. But they’re not the only ones; if you’ve been in your home for a while, you may find that you’re sick of seeing the same colors and fixtures day in and day out. If you’re looking to make some changes, it’s worth seeing what’s in right now before you call the Sacramento plumbing professionals at Ace Plumbing.

Understated is In

Some bathrooms show their age because of design features that were on trend when they were installed. Some looks, like subway tile, never seem to go out of style. Others, like wallpaper, borders, and overwrought vanities, just seem tacky and dated. As designer Allison Petty tells Elle Decor, “We love a classic bathroom and think it’s always on trend to have something that works for years to come. To keep it feeling modern we love using a monochromatic element throughout the whole space.”

Embrace Contrast

A new bathroom is like a blank canvas, with a sense of unlimited possibility. Just be careful not to overdo it. A bathroom that’s too visually “busy” is like a conversation in a crowded room; nothing stands out because everything’s trying to make a statement at once. One advantage to the understated approach we mentioned above is that a few statement pieces — a bold vanity, new bathroom fixtures that have a sleek look — can really pop against a plain background.

Forward… Into the Past!

Some classic looks are primed to make a comeback. One of these is the Art Deco style, driven in no small part by bathroom fixtures from companies like Kohler. The good news: the simplicity of their geometry and their retro-inspired styling is tasteful enough to last for the long haul. 

Industrial Design for Bathrooms

If your tastes run more to the modern side of the spectrum, you won’t be left out in the cold. Bathrooms inspired by industrial design are also having a moment, with larger tub sinks, black or brushed-stainless fixtures, and other modernist touches very much in evidence. 

Get Smart (Fixtures)

The smart home isn’t limited to security features, programmable thermostats, or smart doorbells. Even the humble bathroom can gain a few IQ points. In addition to smart showers (which we covered in this space last year, and which keeps getting better), toilets, sinks, and other aspects of your bathroom are getting in on the fun.

Time to Organize

Closet systems aren’t just for the walk-in in your master bedroom. Not every home has an enormous master bath, but we’ve never heard a homeowner complain that they had too much storage. Indeed, an organization system in your bathroom or linen closet can be a must for smaller homes trying to make the most of limited space. 
Planning a bathroom remodel? Replacing a faucet or an old leaky toilet? Whether it’s a single bathroom fixture replacement or part of a master plan, call Ace Plumbing for quick and expert service!