Furnaces for Manufactured Homes

furnance manufactured home

If you want to get a new furnace for your manufactured home, you should enlist the help of a professional at the beginning of the process. Manufactured homes can often fit furnaces much like a stick-built home, but there are a few unique aspects that you should know before you buy.

Sealed vs Atmospheric Combustion Furnaces

The way that a furnace is ventilated depends on whether it is a sealed combustion or atmospheric combustion furnace. These differences could affect the type of furnace you should buy for a manufactured home. Atmospheric combustion furnaces rely on air that surrounds the furnace to supply the oxygen needed to burn fuel and convert it into energy. With a sealed combustion furnace, there is a supply vent that delivers air to the burner. In both cases, the fuel emissions are expelled out of the home through a vent. Although most newer and more efficient furnaces will be sealed combustion, you should confirm that the model you want to buy for a manufactured home is sealed.

Ductwork Concerns

Although much of a manufactured home’s HVAC system is similar to that of a site-built home, the ductwork often contains the most obvious differences. The ductwork may be smaller than ductwork in a larger home, and put into a more compressed space. Since manufactured homes are built somewhere else, there may be two separate ductwork lines for a double-wide (or three for a triple-wide) that are connected once the structure is arranged together. If you are considering installing ductwork into your manufactured home, you should ask your Ace plumbing and heating technician about limitations for your particular home.

Dimensions of the Furnace Cabinet

The biggest restriction you may face in buying a new furnace for a manufactured home is the size of the space for the furnace. You have to install a furnace that will meet the dimensions, and the space available for furnaces in a manufactured home may be smaller than average. Many furnace manufacturers offer models that are designed specifically for manufactured homes. Ask your HVAC expert about the brands and models that are ideal for your home.

Proper Sizing

The size of the furnace concerns more than just the dimensions of the appliances, however. You need to purchase a furnace that is sized appropriately for your home. Furnaces are measured in their heating load (in British Thermal Units) as well as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. When you request a consultation for a new furnace, you should provide information about the dimensions of rooms and the total square footage of the home. This will help your technician determine your home’s heating load and limit models that will best meet your needs.

Buying a new furnace for your manufactured home requires an expert to help make sure that you buy the right kind of machine. With a better understanding of the limitations of a manufactured home, you can make a selection that suits your home and your budget. For more information about heating your manufactured home, contact us at Ace Plumbing.