Get Ready for Brown Friday

thanksgiving turkey

Some families spend weeks getting ready for the bacchanalia of food, drink, and family that is Thanksgiving day. Others scarf down their turkey then rest up for the shopping extravaganza of Black Friday. Your friends at Ace Plumbing are resting up, too, but for an entirely different reason. The Friday after Thanksgiving is usually one of our busiest days, called “Brown Friday.” We’ll leave the origin of the name to your imagination (you’re welcome), but — more importantly — we’re also going to give you a few tips so you can enjoy your guests instead of calling the plumber.

Plan Ahead

Often as not, your Thanksgiving dinner or other holiday get-together wasn’t necessarily the cause of your plumbing problem; it’s just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. So while you’re making your to-do list, take time to check your plumbing. Make sure your garbage disposal is working properly, look for leaks around drains and fixtures, and check for issues around your toilet, dishwasher, and other key plumbing items. 

Don’t Overwork Your Garbage Disposal

We love our garbage disposals, but they’re not omnivorous. Just because it fits doesn’t mean that’s where it goes! Set a jar aside for grease and oils. Fibrous foods like potatoes and broccoli, grainy stuff like coffee grounds and rice, and caustic liquids should never go down the drain or be flushed. We also suggest knowing where the shutoff switch is for your disposal; you should take rings and jewelry off while prepping food and doing dishes, but if something goes down the drain that shouldn’t, cut the power and then use a wooden spoon or a set of tongs to fish it out.

Wash Up Properly

Some things — your favorite stock pot, or a large serving platter — may not fit in the dishwasher. Other items shouldn’t go in there. But if you have a choice in the matter, nearly everything else should go in the dishwasher. Scrape food into the trash or a compost container, load properly, and use the right detergent and drying aid for the job. You’ll save water and electricity, you won’t spread bacteria, you’ll have more time with your guests, and you won’t end up with dishpan hands.

Be Kind to Your Toilet

There are many things in your cabinets, closets, and cupboards that are labeled “flushable” that aren’t, including cleaning wipes and kitty litter. There are several other things we may be in the habit of flushing, like cigarette butts and leftovers that are slowly gaining sentience, that shouldn’t be flushed either. If it’s not human waste or toilet paper, use the trash now so you don’t have to pick up the phone to summon a plumber later. 

In Case of (Plumbing) Emergency

Having said all of this, let’s acknowledge something important: things can still go wrong with your plumbing even when you’ve done everything right. We’re here to help, not to judge, so if you need emergency plumbing service near Sacramento, get in touch with Ace Plumbing today. And in case we don’t see you, have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!