How to Choose a Garden Irrigation System

Water Irrigation System

While considering drip irrigation systems for your garden, you will have to remember that this type of watering system has pinpoint precision. Drip irrigation systems consist of a hose that has holes in it that releases the water along flower or plant beds slowly but surely and other equipment.

Choosing a Watering System

When you want to choose a watering system for your garden, you can either do rain harvesting and rely on the rain, which is unsure and unreliable, or you can use a sprinkler system that is traditionally used by most people.

However, a drip irrigation system is another option that many people are not aware of that is much more reliable and effective.

If you’re a serious gardener and you even rely on your garden for food consistently, investing in a drip irrigation system will pay off in the long run. Drip irrigation systems are much more effective at controlling the amount of water that gets into the soil.

Advantages of Drip Garden Irrigation Systems

One of the main advantages of drip irrigation systems over a sprinkler system is effectiveness. Drip irrigation systems will provide 90% coverage of your garden rather than a sprinkler system that only has 65 to 75% coverage. It is much more accurate and much more efficient, so your plants will not go without the needed water when they need it.

Drip irrigation systems are becoming much more popular in the Northeast area when people need an economical solution for efficient watering of their gardens. Getting a drip irrigation system isn’t even all that difficult to do, and it can be fun to install one on a weekend.

Installing a Drip Garden Irrigation System

It’s really simple and easy to install a drip irrigation system in your garden. You want to find out how long of a hose you will need, or how many multiple hoses, based on the length of the beds in your garden space. Not all plants need the same amount of water, so you’ll have to find out exactly how many plants you are going to use this system with.

Once you know how much hose to get, you can get the drip irrigation system and then install it on your water faucet in your home. These kits come with directions, and if you get confused you can consult them, but it’s really simple and easy. You may need a tubing cutter and a hole punch.

When Considering Drip Garden Irrigation Systems

You may need to get a pressure regulator if the water pressure is too great for your line, and you may also need to get a filter if your kit doesn’t include one.

Test the pressure compensation by installing the kit and then testing it to see how much water comes out of the hoses.

Adjust the pressure regulators until you have got just the right amount of water. If you need information on a garden irrigation system in the greater Sacramento area, justContact consult Ace Plumbing and they will be glad to help you.