Plumbing and HVAC Updates that Add Resale Value


Selling your home? It’s a lot more complicated than just sticking a “for sale” sign in the yard and hoping for the best. Buyers are choosy, and many of them will be looking for a home that’s move-in ready. Every inch of your home will be under close scrutiny, with some areas — especially your kitchen and bathroom — really going under the microscope. A bit of home improvement can boost your chances of selling and getting your asking price.

Understanding ROI (Return on Investment)

The first thing to understand with any remodel or renovation is that you will not recoup 100% of  what you invest. Most reputable home improvement and investment sites acknowledge that you’ll recoup a percentage of your investment, with some improvements having a better ROI than others. That leaves us with two takeaways: first, keep your expectations realistic, and second, choose your renovations wisely, especially if you’re selling soon.

Understanding Buyer Psychology

Even when we’re getting ready to sell, we’re attached to our homes. We’ve made memories there, and we’ve also invested no small amount of time and money getting them exactly as we like them. But what one person finds cozy may strike another as superfluous or tacky, so going all out on renovations can actually be counterproductive. Instead, buyers are looking for homes where everything is in good working order, and where repairs won’t be needed.

Start With Repairs

Not every improvement calls for replacements. Sacramento plumbing repairs like addressing a slab leak and ensuring that your drainage is working properly, for instance, can be just as important. That’s especially true of floor drains in laundry rooms and basements. Pipe leaks that could cause damage to floors and cabinets should also be addressed. Just be aware that if your furnace, central air, heat, water heater, or dishwasher are aging, their replacement can be a better selling point than recent repairs or maintenance.

Where, and What, to Upgrade

If your bathroom and kitchen are prime indoor real estate and you’re looking to upgrade wisely, where should you start? A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color never hurts, since it leaves a room looking refreshed. If your fixtures are older, it’s a good idea to update those as well. Modern faucets are always a safe bet, with motion-activated faucets especially popular in kitchens. New shower heads that add efficiency as well as looks are good for bathrooms, as are updated toilets that use less water and are designed for comfort. And a kitchen sink that’s wider and deeper makes prep and cleaning easier — certainly a benefit for homebuyers with families, or who enjoy entertaining.

Working with Ace Plumbing

Admittedly, there are plenty of home improvements that fall outside the purview of a Sacramento plumbing company. Home Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning doesn’t install new roofs, we can’t help with landscaping, and we don’t do windows. However, when it comes to making sure your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning are resale-ready, we’re on call. Get in touch today!