Things To Do When Preparing for an HVAC Service Visit in the Greater Sacramento Area


If you’re experiencing problems with your heating and cooling unit in the greater Sacramento area and have already called your technician, pat yourself on your back. You’re on the right track to having your HVAC unit repaired and maintained, but did you know you could get even better service if you prepared for this visit? It’s likely that you must have already done some of these, like cleaning the unit, and that’s great.

While every homeowner is different in how they prepare, it’s essential to know how to get the most out of your HVAC service provider. Here is what Ace Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning recommends doing before the HVAC service visit.

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Clean Around the Unit

Whether your unit is outside the window or in the attic, be sure to create a clear path for the technician to get to the areas needed. Our priority is to get your unit working as soon as possible and make the process easier and safer for all of us. We also advise cleaning outside the unit to remove any item that can interfere with performance. Cleaning is also a maintenance practice that helps prevent frequent repairs.

Pay Attention to Sounds and the Smell Coming from the Unit

If you’re not sure what the problem could be, it’s critical that you pay attention to how the unit behaves as you wait for the technician to arrive. Check for unusual noises and smells as they suggest problems like leaky ductwork requiring immediate repair. At Ace Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend calling us to report any abnormal sounds or smells. This way, we can guide you on what to do before our technician arrives to salvage the situation and avoid complete breakdown or damage that could lead to unit replacement.

Prepare Your Questions

While we do our best to diagnose, fix and explain the problem to you, you’ll have a few questions regarding your HVAC unit, such as how you can prevent or fix the problem permanently. This is especially important if you don’t know what is wrong with your AC. Create a list of questions, and our technicians will be happy to ensure you have all the information you need to and, together, you can work on finding a long-term solution.

Install a Clean Filter

One of the most common HVAC problems is a clogged air filter. The unit is likely to circulate warm air instead of cold when clogged. Before the technician arrives, inspect the equipment, and make sure it is clog-free. This way, you will be helping your technician to fix the problem faster since airflow is not a question. Be sure to change your filters at least every month. If you use a recyclable filter, clean it thoroughly and replace it ahead of your technician’s visit.

Make Sure You Have Time

The average AC inspection, repair, and installation can take hours. However, the time can vary based on the unit type, size of your home, and the problem being addressed. While we don’t mean taking the whole day off, you might want to spare several hours and allocate enough time for the HVAC service. You also don’t want to create a stressful situation for your technicians, ask them to hurry up, so be open about your schedule.

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