Understanding Some Basics of the SMUD Home Performance Program


If you’re a homeowner, you are probably looking for ways to save money and improve your home, or maybe even turn it into a smart home. If you live in the greater Sacramento area, you need to be aware of the SMUD home performance program and all it offers.

California has sponsored a number of initiatives for residents, as far as money-saving rebates and other incentives for those who own homes. The SMUD home performance program has a number of great benefits available to those who own homes in the greater Sacramento area.

Let’s take a brief look at the SMUD home performance program, its features, and some of the ways that these can benefit you if you own your own home and are looking for ways to save money while improving it.

Some SMUD Home Performance Program Rebates

The SMUD home performance program offers savings and rebates when you bundle certain energy efficiency upgrades to improve your home. In order to make your home more energy-efficient, these upgrades are available for certain types of home improvements. There are a number of upgrades available with corresponding rebates for select improvements to your existing residential home. Here is a list of some of those upgrades and rebates that are available currently:

Smart Lighting Starter Kits

Smart lighting systems complete with Philips Hue kits include 2 to 4 smart bulbs as well as the Hue bridge that allows custom control over your home lighting.

You get to save up to $16 with the SMUD rebate.

Water Conservation Kit

A wonderful introduction to conserving water within your home, the deluxe water savings kit includes energy upgrades to your bathroom sinks, kitchen, and shower.

Rebates up to $10 are included with the SMUD program.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

You can use your smartphone to control your watering system for your lawn and adjust to the weather, set up schedules, and more. You have a choice between the 6 zone and 8 zone models depending on the size of your lawn and the design of your landscape.

Total rebates range from 180 to $400 with SMUD.

Rainbird Sprinkler Drip Retrofit Kit

You could install a drip irrigation conversion system easily that will do all the watering you need for your lawn, saving you money, time, and water. These systems deliver water to the roots of your plants, directly giving them healthier, happier lives. You will lower your bills and your plants will live longer.

Total rebates available, from 260 to $400.

HVAC Replacement Heat Pump

You can get an HVAC replacement heat pump for your home if you have a qualifying multi-stage electric HVAC system heat pump.

Total SMUD rebates up to $4,800 are available.

There are even more rebates for other items involved in the SMUD home performance program and you can essentially turn your home into a smart home and save thousands of dollars in the process. For more information on the SMUD home performance program that is available to you if you own your own residence in the greater Sacramento area, just check us out. We, at Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, can help you Home get the most out of your air conditioner.