What to do if You Have Roots in Your Pipes?

What to do if You Have Roots in Your Pipes?

The trees in your yard are beautiful and not only do they add to the curb appeal of your home, they are great for the environment and they provide shade for you and your family, but there is a downside to having trees in your yard. One of the main issues is the fact that the tree’s roots can possibly grow into your sewer lines, and even water lines, and cause extensive damage.

Signs of Tree Root Damage

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your sewer lines from your house to the main pipes that are usually owned by a city or other municipality. The issue is that these sewer pipes are located underground so it could be hard to find out that there is damage being done by tree roots.

There are two main things to look for to know if roots are growing into your sewer pipes and the first is that your home has a very slow-flowing drainage system. The second thing is if you hear gurgling sounds coming from your toilets in your home after you flush them.

You will need to call in a professional plumber who will be able to inspect your pipes and determine if tree roots are the issue by inserting a camera through your sewer lines which will allow him to see any routes that have grown into them.

How Tree Roots Get into Your Sewer Lines

Tree roots are very strong and there are several ways in which they can come into your sewer lines. One of those ways is because when water flows through your sewer pipes, a sewer vapor is released into the surrounding soil. The vapor is made up of nutrients, oxygen, and moisture, which are necessary for trees and other plants to grow, so as the vapor is released, the tree roots grow towards it looking for the source which just happens to be located in your sewer pipes.

Another way tree roots get into your sewer pipes is through cracks in the pipes. Since your pipes are buried underground, you will not know when they become cracked and need to be repaired, which is why they need to be regularly inspected by a licensed plumber. Once tree roots find the crack, they will slowly grow into your sewer pipe.

Removing the Roots

Once a licensed plumbing professional inspects your pipes and finds that there are tree roots causing issues at your home or business, they will cut the tree roots with a mechanical auger which runs through your sewer pipes cutting the roots and getting them out of the way, but only until they grow back, which could happen someday. Another way is through chemical removal. A plumber will deposit a chemical, such as calcium sulfate crystals, into your sewer lines which will eat away the roots. Some plumbers will use a hydro jetting removal tool that pumps water through your sewer pipes with a chemical that is created to kill the roots.

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