Is Duct Cleaning Right for Me?

duct cleaning

If you have ever peeked inside your ductwork, you may notice that it can get very dirty. Friends and family members may suggest that you get duct cleaning, but it is not always necessary. Keeping your HVAC system clean and excellent condition requires care from you and your HVAC technician. Here’s how to decide if your home could benefit from duct cleaning.

What is Duct Cleaning?

After installation is complete and you have had your ductwork for a few years, there are two basic services you might consider having for them. The first is duct sealing, which fixes holes in the ductwork to improve your energy efficiency. The second is duct cleaning, which clears dust and debris out of your ductwork. Duct cleaning requires specialist equipment to avoid just sending the contents of the ducts into your home.

When Do People Need Duct Cleaning?

Although ductwork can certainly get dirty, it is not necessarily expected that you will get duct cleaning on a regular basis. There are a few signs that you may need duct cleaning, including:

  • dust or debris coming through the vents while the HVAC system is on
  • consistent family problems with allergies
  • identification of mold in the ductwork

Mold is a particular problem, because the spores can pass through the ductwork and into your home. Mold causes a number of health problems, some of which are serious. In this case, you want to ensure that the mold has been fully removed and the ducts sterilized properly so that the mold does not regrow. You also must consider changing the filtration for your HVAC system, so that the filters will remove mold spores before they reach the ductwork. When you request duct cleaning, you may also need to have your ductwork sealed to minimize your overall exposure to mold and other allergens.

Are There Alternatives to Duct Cleaning?

You can have a dirty HVAC system that needs cleaning, without having to arrange specifically for duct cleaning. The best way to keep dirt and allergens out of your home is to carefully maintain your furnace air filters. Those filters pull things out of the outdoor air before it is sent through your ductwork. When those filters get clogged and you do not clean or replace them, sometimes dust passes through them into your ductwork. You can also clean your duct registers, and request regular maintenance for your Sacramento HVAC appliances. Keeping the equipment clean ensures that you can rely on heating and air conditioning year-round, with fewer repairs and lower energy costs.

Duct cleaning may be useful to have, but it is not necessary for everyone. To find out if you need duct cleaning, and to discuss other HVAC maintenance concerns, contact the Sacramento heating and air experts at Ace Plumbing.