Signs of a Sewer Line Issue

brain washbasin

You probably don’t give your sewer lines a second thought. Even people who are vigilant about other parts of their home plumbing — like drains, pipes, and fixtures — don’t worry about sewers until something has gone visibly, and often terribly, wrong. However, like the rest of your home, your sewer lines will often warn…

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Signs that Your Floor Drains Need to be Cleaned


Some Sacramento homeowners live in fear of burst or leaky pipes. That’s understandable, since they can cause widespread damage in your home. There’s another potential trouble source you might be neglecting: your floor drains. Ace Plumbing gives you the common warning signs that these drains need to be cleaned, and what you need to do.…

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Why You Should Stop Hand-Washing Dishes

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Do you prefer hand-washing your dishes over utilizing your dishwasher?  In short? Don’t. Ace Plumbing spells out the reasons to use your dishwasher, or to have one installed if you haven’t already got one.   Should You Hand-Wash Anything? Let’s get one thing out of the way first: some things should be hand-washed. Wooden bowls…

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What Makes Water Smell?

Water smells

In a pure state, water has no smell and no taste. However, house water does generally have a small amount of taste due to the presence of natural minerals and other additives. In some cases, these added minerals or additives can cause water to have an odor. Though a small amount of odor in tap…

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Getting to Know Your Home Water Supply

water supply

Your plumbing system is designed to be so effective and efficient that you do not need to think about it most of the time. However, here are a few facts you need on hand about the way your home uses water, and what you can do to protect your access. How Does Water Get to…

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Sprinkling System Trends for 2017


It may seem crazy to consider gardening in the winter, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring garden. With a focus on efficiency and practicality, the home irrigation trends for 2017 simplify your life and make caring for your garden even easier. Here are the latest trends in sprinkling systems,…

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Minimizing Water Damage

water damage

You walk into the basement, and it is clearly flooded. You need to act fast to protect the structure of your home and your belongings. Here’s what to do. Shut Off Water Your water heater is often a source of flooding, since it holds a large volume of water at once. When you first discover…

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What Does an HVAC Warranty Typically Cover?

HVAC warranty coverage

When you buy a new piece of equipment for your heating or cooling system, your HVAC technician will discuss the warranty on the machine. You will learn that there are warranties that change over time, and different warranties for certain aspects of the system. Here’s what you need to know about your HVAC warranty. First…

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Where is the AC Evaporator Coil & How Does It Work?

evaporator coil

If you’ve ever seen the inside of your Sacramento air conditioner system, you’ve likely been surprised — and maybe even a little confused — by all of its many components. Each is important in its way, but without a properly working evaporator coil, it wouldn’t work at all. Since it’s doing so much to keep…

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Do I Need Better Water Filtration?

water filter

If you have a newer home, you may already have a complex system of water filtration. If you do not, you can still get effective water filters to improve your water’s quality and taste. Here’s how to know if you should beef up your water filtration, and how to do it. Do I Need Water…

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