Can Cold Weather in the Greater Sacramento Affect the Boiler?


As the cold weather sets in, many people in the greater Sacramento area are staying on top of their heating systems to keep their homes as warm as possible. All is well until the boiler stops working. Despite being designed to work in the coolest temperatures, boilers are not immune to winter effects. Even if you regularly service it, the … Read More

Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs a Repair in Sacramento

Because they aren’t indoors, and because we don’t necessarily use them year ‘round, it’s easy to forget about our sprinkler systems and irrigation systems. That is, until they stop working, in which case we’re frantically Googling, wondering “Who can fix my sprinkler?” Good news: the sprinkler and irrigation repair in Sacramento that you need is as close as a call … Read More

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Shower Drain Clear in Sacramento?

Remember home economics classes? We don’t recall how to clean a shower drain, or how to keep the shower drain clean, being among the subjects covered. Because drain clogs are one of the more vexing challenges homeowners face, Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning offers Sacramento area drain cleaning service, plus tips for figuring out what causes those nasty clogs, … Read More

Prepare Your Plumbing for the Holidays in Sacramento

holiday decorations in Sacramento

The holidays mean different things to different folks. For some of us, they’re a time of faith or reflection. For others, it’s a time to catch up on socializing and exchanging gifts. But at a time when so much feels uncertain, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of us are looking forward to grounding ourselves in quality time … Read More

Why Your Sacramento Home Needs Exhaust Fans

Ductless HVAC system in Sacramento

Fans have been a fixture of American homes for centuries. But the box fans and ceiling fans you may be using to move heated and air-conditioned air in your home are only the tip of the iceberg. There are other fans your home has — or should have — and it’s important that you use them. They contribute to indoor … Read More

How To Winterize Your HVAC System in Sacramento

Safety image of keys on the counter

Ah, wintertime. Time to pull the sweaters and hoodies out of storage, give the air conditioning a break, and enjoy the cooler weather while sheltering from the onslaught of pumpkin-spice-everything. Besides staying cozy, even safety is a challenge at this time of year; everything from pipe bursts to house fires is more common, even in an area like Sacramento where … Read More

Getting Ready for a Plumber’s Visit in Your California Home

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Life is unpredictable, and plumbing emergencies even more so. But you’re in luck, since Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning offers 24/7 emergency plumbing and HVAC repairs in Sacramento. We’re also here for things that allow for a longer lead time, like furnace installations. Even though we come prepared, there are some things you can do to prepare for our … Read More

Planning a Winter Vacation? Furnace Prep Tips For Sacramento Homeowners

cat sitting in a box

A change of scenery is a good thing, especially when “scenery,” for many of us, has been confined to our property lines and the occasional safari to Target or Trader Joe’s. If you’re planning to get away for a vacation this winter, a bit of advance planning to keep your home safe can ensure you have more peace of mind … Read More

What to Do in California Home Plumbing Emergencies

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Your home is your castle, but sometimes you can feel like you’re living under siege from the piles of bills, property taxes, and upkeep. But some things are genuine emergencies, and it helps to be prepared ahead of time so you know what to do. Quick reactions save lives. And while we’d never discourage you from calling Ace Plumbing Heating … Read More

What Causes Low Water Pressure in Sacramento

running water in Sacramento

Water pressure is a simple thing, but it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference. Whether it’s getting your dishes done faster, filling pots quickly, or just taking a relaxing shower, we find low pressure an inconvenience or an annoyance. But what if your faucets have slowed to a trickle? What causes it, and — equally to the … Read More