The Dangers of a Flooded Basement

The rainy season in Sacramento is usually between the months of October through April. Although the weather here in California is mostly beautiful, if you own a home you have to take special consideration to make sure those rain waters don’t run into your basement.

A flooded basement can cause a litany of problems for the homeowner.
This is especially true if you use your basement as a finished part of your home, or even if you store a lot of items down there in boxes, piled high to the ceiling. Floods are the number one disaster in America. So here are four problems that can happen if your basement is flooded with over six inches of standing water.

Problem #1: Mold Can Grow

This is an especially dangerous threat, because a damp basement can turn moldy very quickly. Black mold is problematic since it can cause a host of serious health issues. Breathing problems, skin irritation, general fatigue, and chronic coughing are just some of the problems reported by those who have been exposed to this hazard. Once you have black mold it takes a specialized cleaning service to get rid of it costing thousands of dollars depending on how bad the mold is, even in spots that you can’t see.

Problem #2: Crack in the Walls and Foundation

Water can create a lot of damage fairly quickly, so if you have a flooded basement you want to do everything you can to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise the water can cause vertical cracks in the walls or foundation that are much harder to repair and can compromise the structure of your home. Your home is one of your biggest investments so you want to make sure it’s repaired correctly after a damaging flood.  Calling Ace Plumbing at the first sign of flooding is the good first step to take. 

Problem #3: Sinking Floors

Another dangerous problem that can affect the structure of the home, leading to many other problems, is sinking floors. If you had a serious basement flood, then you want to have your home inspected after the cleanup to see if there are any lingering problems. It may sound extreme to think that a sinkhole is going to open up in your basement from a sinking floor, but it does happen.

Problem #4: Rodent Issues

Water tends to attract rodents; all kinds of the little creatures can get in through the wet cracks that let the flooding into your home in the first place. Then they stick around and thrive in the wet, damp environment. Their dropping and dander can trigger allergy problems in those that are susceptible to environmental stressors such as these.