6 Best Low Flow Shower Head Options


Shopping for a low flow shower head? Good choice! Many of Ace Plumbing’s clients ask us about these water-saving shower heads. Some are concerned with their environmental footprint and want to save water; others just want to spend less on their monthly water bill. The one thing that unites everybody? Nobody wants to take a shower under a shower head that feels like a lukewarm water pistol.

Why Buy a Low Flow Shower Head?

Maybe you’re not swayed by the environmental argument and you’re not particularly concerned with your utility bills. Here’s another reason to explore your low-flow shower head options: it’s the law. The federal government mandated a maximum flow of 2.5 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) back in 1992. California and a handful of other states took this a step further, mandating a 2.0 GPM maximum flow some years ago. Low flow heads restrict flow to a rate between 1.5 and 2.0 GPM, depending on their design.

Our Top Six Choices

You’d think that low flow would mean low pressure. With proper design, that doesn’t have to be the case. Picture a garden hose. Without a nozzle on, the water pressure won’t seem like much. Put a nozzle on and you can dial in the right amount of pressure. A well-designed low flow shower head works on much the same principle. We can even help you with bathroom fixture installation!

High Sierra Shower Heads

With a minimalist look and a fixed head, the High Sierra won’t win any design awards. However, it does a better job than most at giving you the feel of high water pressure even at a low 1.5 GPM flow rate.

Delta Faucet 75152

Another no-frills design, the Delta Faucet 75152 will likely remind you of the shower head in a hotel or college dorm. Its unconventional “guts” — a proprietary four-nozzle design instead of the profusion of smaller nozzles found in most shower heads — ensures generous pressure even at lower flow rates. It’s also adjustable for the times when you want a bit more oomph.

Aqua Elegante Three-Inch Shower Head

One feature we particularly like is that the Aqua Elegante shower head cleans itself. That doesn’t sound like much to most people, but if you live in a home with hard water, you’ll appreciate not having your flow interrupted by mineral buildup.

American Standard FloWise 1660

This is a somewhat more expensive pick than the preceding three. However, it also features a hand-held shower head, meaning you can direct the flow precisely for a quicker rinse, and the ability to keep it closer to you means less temperature loss, allowing you to run a slightly cooler shower. That means less water used, less energy used, and less money spent long-term.

Delta 58480

Like the American Standard above, this offers handheld operation and a variety of spray settings, ranging from a gentle shower to a powerful massage. Be warned: when we say “powerful,” we’re not exaggerating; some people actually find it a bit uncomfortable, and it may not be the best pick for showering small pets and young kids.

Moen 26100EP

This Watersense certified shower head offers the same advantages as the other handheld units above, but with a twist: the shower head attaches and detaches magnetically.

But My Water Pressure is Already Low!

It may not be as low as you think. Here’s something you can try: find a gallon container and hold it under your shower head. If you have a low flow head on your shower, it should take about 30 seconds to fill.

If it’s taking much longer than that, then it’s time to call a plumber. Ace Plumbing provides plumbing and HVAC services to the greater Sacramento area. If you’re experiencing problems with your hot water heater, plumbing, drainage, sewage or septic system, or HVAC, we’re as close as your next phone call.