Bidets: Help, or Hype?

While not yet popular in the US, bidet use is on the rise. Is the hype justified? Get your common bidet questions answered with this guide from Ace Plumbing

Unless you’re a plumbing professional, most of us don’t get unduly excited over bathroom plumbing. But if you’ve ever read a breathless review of a bidet — some people compare it to religious experience — Ace Plumbing decided to take a closer look. Are bidets really that good? And is it worth taking the plunge (in a manner of speaking)?

The Bidet in Brief

The first written reference to a bidet is in 1710. They were originally found in the bedroom; this was before bathrooms were common, and most people had a chamber pot — also in the bedroom. Over time, the bidet would change in design and location, becoming more sophisticated (some models have light, sound, and a warming dryer feature) and migrating from the bedroom to the bathroom (thankfully), but the principle remained the same: an upward spray of water that cleans off your undercarriage.

Common Bidet Questions

  • Is it messy? The water pressure isn’t the same as a garden hose, so you won’t have water everywhere.
  • Is it expensive? It’s a small investment, but stop to consider how much you spend on toilet paper every month. It adds up quickly!
  • But I don’t want to walk around feeling damp for hours! You don’t have to. You can still use toilet paper if you’re so inclined, but you’ll find you’re using much less.
  • Honestly, do guys really use these? Yes. They’re unisex.
  • Isn’t it… a little weird? It does take some getting used to, but many who’ve used bidets swear by them.
  • How am I supposed to fit this in my bathroom? Even though separate bidets are common in hotel bathrooms and in homes that have had a bathroom renovations, that’s not your only option. There are smaller versions that install directly on your existing toilet.

Bidet Installation

Bidets come in several types, from standalone units to fixtures that install on your existing toilet. Many tout DIY installation, but it’s a good idea to have the job done by a plumber. If you’re purchasing a toilet-mount model, it’s a good idea to have your toilet checked out by your plumber beforehand — if it’s time for a new low-flow toilet installation, we can take care of both jobs at once, and suggest alternatives you may not have considered.

Schedule an Installation

At a glance, it seems like indoor plumbing has evolved a lot over the millennia. Look closer, though, and you’ll find that it’s the same old thing with more high-tech bells and whistles added. Whether it’s a high-tech bidet, a hands-free faucet or a fancy self-cleaning toilet, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Of course, something else has remained consistent over the years: if you want Sacramento plumbing done right, you call a professional. And if you’re looking for a plumber in the Sacramento area, you reach out to Ace Plumbing. We’re always here — and happy — to help.