Plumbing a Kitchen Island

modern kitchen

It’s one of the great paradoxes of home design: you can have an enormous kitchen, but if it’s laid out poorly, it can still feel cramped. The solution to your problems may not be more square footage; instead, it’s often better to put the square footage you have to smarter use, and a kitchen island can be a great way … Read More

Plumbing Old Wives’ Tales

plumber working on sink

Don’t swim after you eat. Don’t swallow your gum or it’ll stay in your stomach for years. Stop making that face, or it’ll freeze that way. Sure, most of us know those old wives’ tales are a bit of harmless fun, and Mom probably couldn’t even keep a straight face when she said half of them. But many of the … Read More

Wet Bar vs Dry Bar: What’s the Difference?

Rather than the usual “man cave” or “she shed,” some of us like to entertain at home in surroundings with a touch of class. If you’ve ever wanted to install a bar at your home, or turn your basement into a speakeasy, you have more options than ever before to outfit it exactly as you’d like. One of the most … Read More

Best Times for Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Replacements

Unlike the milk carton in your fridge, the appliances and fixtures in your home don’t come with expiration dates stamped on them. That can leave many Sacramento homeowners scratching their heads when it comes to replacing key items. If it ain’t broke… well, it might still be time to replace it. Rather than calling heads or tails, call Ace Plumbing … Read More

Is Your Basement Ready for Winter?

There are plenty of articles offering “one weird trick” to save money, prevent expensive repairs, or make your home more comfortable. Usually we’re skeptical of that kind of thing, but if you’re a homeowner, there really is one simple thing you can do that will, in turn, take care of those other things. Winterize your basement and you’ll be surprised … Read More

Get Ready for Brown Friday

thanksgiving turkey

Some families spend weeks getting ready for the bacchanalia of food, drink, and family that is Thanksgiving day. Others scarf down their turkey then rest up for the shopping extravaganza of Black Friday. Your friends at Ace Plumbing are resting up, too, but for an entirely different reason. The Friday after Thanksgiving is usually one of our busiest days, called … Read More

Can Pipes Freeze in Central California?

frozen pipes

Short answer first: you bet they can. Since that may not tell you much you didn’t already know, and won’t do a lot to protect your home, what can you do to prevent frozen pipes? And, equally to the point, when should you call a plumbing professional like Ace Plumbing if you suspect the plumbing in your Sacramento home or … Read More

Plumbing and Heating Sounds You Should Never Ignore

plumber working on sink

Every home has its share of noises. Some of these are expected, since appliances like your heating, your dishwasher, or your dryer all have characteristic sounds when they run, and your home has a symphony of other noises, from creaky floorboards to whiny hinges, that crop up from time to time. However, when your plumbing or your HVAC system is … Read More

Plumbing and HVAC Updates that Add Resale Value

modern bathroom

Selling your home? It’s a lot more complicated than just sticking a “for sale” sign in the yard and hoping for the best. Buyers are choosy, and many of them will be looking for a home that’s move-in ready. Every inch of your home will be under close scrutiny, with some areas — especially your kitchen and bathroom — really … Read More

Common Plumbing Terms Explained

As plumbing experts, it’s easy for the team at Ace Plumbing to forget sometimes that our customers aren’t as steeped in plumbing terminology and jargon as we’ve been. While we try to be as transparent about what we’re doing as possible, and try to keep our explanations in plain English, sometimes a bit of jargon slips through — and sometimes, … Read More