Are Natural Gas Appliances Safe?

Gas Stove with Blue Flame -- Is It Safe?

It’s one of the great kitchen debates: gas vs electric. While cooking on an electric stove is more automated, many would argue that gas is more energy efficient. In recent years, gas appliances have had a resurgence in popularity here in the Greater Sacramento area and beyond. However, along with all the fanfare, how safe is natural gas?  At Ace … Read More

What You Need to Know to Become a Plumber in the Greater Sacramento Area

Shutoff Valve with Bright Yellow Paint

The Greater Sacramento area is awesome! The weather is temperate, a good economy, no corporate taxes. Even their plumbers make more money. The average plumber makes about $70K a year. Plus, there are plenty of growth opportunities. What Do Plumbers Do? Sacramento plumbers supply safe water from premises. They’re also responsible for waste removal. Master plumbers can also install, repair, … Read More

What You Need to Know About Sacramento’s Natural Gas Ban

Will natural gas go the way of the dinosaur in CA?

California often leads the nation when it comes to environmental initiatives and the regulations that come in their wake. However, those initiatives don’t always come from the state level; often as not, as with a recent ban on natural gas installations in Sacramento, those changes take place at the local level. When that happens, there tend to be more questions … Read More

Plumber Vs Plumbing Contractor: What’s the Difference in Sacramento?

comparing apple to an orange

When is a plumber not a plumber? It sounds like a trick question, but not every plumber serving Sacramento comes to the job with the same qualifications. Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning does some things your average plumber can’t, and in turn, there are also plumbers that handle jobs that aren’t in our areas of specialization. So what are … Read More

Prepare Your Plumbing for the Holidays in Sacramento

holiday decorations in Sacramento

The holidays mean different things to different folks. For some of us, they’re a time of faith or reflection. For others, it’s a time to catch up on socializing and exchanging gifts. But at a time when so much feels uncertain, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of us are looking forward to grounding ourselves in quality time … Read More

What is Greywater?

Droughts in recent years have all of us thinking about conservation in areas as diverse as agriculture to lawn irrigation. Some answers are closer, and simpler, than you may think. Defining Greywater Wastewater falls into two categories. Anything that goes down the toilet or otherwise involves human waste (like diaper cleaning) is called black water. Water that’s put to myriad … Read More

Call Your Plumber for Valentine’s Day

When you need help with the essentials — ahead of Valentine’s Day or at any other time of year — give Ace Plumbing a call. We even offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service (and tips so you’ll have fewer plumbing emergencies). Home Plumbing Repairs We understand that life gets hectic, and that it’s easy to put off things you’ve been meaning … Read More