Minimizing Water Damage

water damage

You walk into the basement, and it is clearly flooded. You need to act fast to protect the structure of your home and your belongings. Here’s what to do.

Shut Off Water

Your water heater is often a source of flooding, since it holds a large volume of water at once. When you first discover the flooding, shut off power to the water heater and turn off the water access valve for the water heater. Next, you can find your main water shutoff valve in your home. Look inside the basement for a round handle attached to a pipe. It may also be located on the exterior of your home. If you suspect that any other appliance or fixture may be at fault, you should go to the equipment and turn off the water to it, as well. These tasks prevent more water from flooding into your home.

Move Equipment

Mixing technological equipment and water is always a bad combination. If you can safely move electrical appliances and equipment away from the water, do so. However, it is extremely dangerous even to stand on a wet carpet holding an electrical device that is plugged in. Water conducts electricity quickly, and you could easily electrocute yourself by serving as the connection between the power and water. Similarly, if the water in your basement has submerged some electrical appliances, you are better off to shut off the power at the circuit breaker and avoid entering the water to remove the appliances.

Protect Belongings

You may use your basement for storage, and you need to remove belongings that would be seriously damaged by the water. Documents, photos and other paper products are easily destroyed by submersion in water. If you can do so safely, remove them from the water and make a plan to store them up high in the future. Take them from the home if you can until the flooding is under control.

Clean Up Quickly

The water itself can be a source of damage, but lingering humidity can also cause problems. Call your insurance to file a claim as soon as you can. Arrange for Sacramento plumbers to come immediately to address the source of the water and fix your pipes, appliances and fixtures. Clean and replace carpets, and arrange for professionals to come dry out the home and replace drywall if needed. This reduces the risk of mold growing in the walls.

Water damage in your home is never a fun experience. With quick thinking and effort, you can protect your home and minimize the extent of the water damage. For expert plumbing service and repair, contact Ace Plumbing.