Does Your Toilet Fit Your Lifestyle?

lifestyle toilet

You have had a toilet for many years, and it still seems to work great. But does it work with you? Think carefully about these aspects of toilets to determine what kind of toilet is best for your family.

Household Concerns

The dynamic of your household changes over time, and with those changes you might need to think about what your toilet is doing for you. People with mobility issues often like to have a toilet at the more modern chair height, because it is easier for them to sit down and stand up. Families with small children may find that a toilet with an elongated bowl, which is a popular option these days, does not suit their kids as they learn to use the bathroom. Certain added features may make your toilet problems dissolve away, or they might make things worse. You could enjoy a self-flushing toilet for the added convenience and cleanliness, but some people have a hard time getting past worrying that the toilet will flush unexpectedly.

Noise vs. Power

When you flush an old toilet that was made before recent water efficiency standards came into effect, you may notice that they use a lot more water than toilets do now. They may also be louder than you would predict a new toilet to be. Since the flow of the toilet as it flushes might affect its ability to flush, you should weigh these out and look at both while you read reviews. A toilet that has a particularly quiet flush may also be less powerful. A toilet with a quick or powerful flush might be louder. Ask your Sacramento plumbers for recommendations based on your specifications.


Keeping a toilet clean is a chore that many people do not enjoy, and so a toilet that makes this job a bit easier is worthy of consideration. Some toilets flow water into the bowl through a built-in spout that is part of the bowl design. This can provide for a more powerful flush using less water, but also helps to inhibit the accumulation of mineral deposits that could clog and slow the flow of a toilet that runs water through many tiny holes. Certain higher-end toilets can actually use a different process to clean the toilet for you, but you should be prepared to pay more than the average to get a toilet with this capability.

Special Features

Currently, you can buy toilets with almost any function imaginable. Stepping up the convenience and comfort of your toilet might involve the use of a bidet to minimize wiping, and even a heated seat for your comfort on a cold winter day. The sky is the limit on smart toilet technology, with machines that can be controlled remotely and offer a variety of comfort settings in water pressure, flushing and more.
You use your toilet to remove human waste, but you need more from your toilet than you might know. Before you replace your toilet, think about the way your family needs to use it and how you want to clean it. This will help you make a more practical choice, with help from Ace Plumbing.