Smart Home Upgrades for Your Plumbing

smart home upgrades

Is smart plumbing even a thing? Yes, it most certainly is. If you are looking to add more smart home features to your home, your plumbing deserves a few upgrades as well. Here are a handful of items on the market to make your life easier.

Smart Sprinklers

If you want to have a sprinkling system that intuitively knows how to water your garden, you should know that this kind of technology is already available to some degree. At present, you can easily purchase sprinkler controllers that allow you to change the settings remotely, using a smart device like a smartphone or tablet. This is useful, but it may not be particularly exciting. After all, if you still have to create the settings, is the sprinkler really doing some of your thinking for you? Are you getting the most efficient watering available? Some smart sprinklers rely on the use of sensors to be able to quantify how thoroughly you are watering your garden based on individual zones you can create. This will reduce overwatering and ensure that you are providing the ideal saturation for the type of landscaping you have.

Smart Water Heater Technology

You use your water heater for a lot of things, but in return, it uses a lot of energy. Would it not be nice if your water heater could somehow make it easier to save energy, as well? As it turns out, this kind of technology is already in hundreds of thousands of American homes. Certain water heaters rely on electricity to function, rather than a fuel source like natural gas. Some of these water heaters can save up energy almost like a battery. If the water heater is connected to a specific grid, the water heater can be turned off remotely in large quantities, but still keep the water warm for possibly hours afterward. This saves homeowners and cities energy, which saves money and helps to prevent energy shortages.

Smart Shower Controller

You wake up in the morning and stagger around for the shower, waiting it for it to warm up. It sure would be great to be able to snuggle in bed for a minute instead, and that technology is now available. With a smart shower controller, you can use a device to turn on your shower and set the desired temperature. You climb out of bed, undress and hop in without having to waste your time waiting. Certain systems may allow you to connect more than just the showerhead to the technology, so that you could remotely start a bath as well. Ask your Sacramento plumber for more information about smart technology that increases your home comfort.

It seems that every year, there is more technological alternatives out there designed to simplify your life, and your plumbing is just one part of it. By considering these smart technology options for your plumbing, and contacting Ace Plumbing for expert advice and installation, you will have a happier home.