Eco-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades


If you’re remodeling your home with Mother Earth in mind, one of the best ways to approach your remodel might surprise you. Things like Energy Star-rated appliances, good insulation, and a strong roof help, but one area many people overlook is their water consumption. “Green” your bathroom remodel with an assist from Ace Plumbing and you can not only save some green, you can also do your bit to help save the planet.


Why the Bathroom?

Think about how much water you use in a day. There’s the water you use for drinking and cooking, obviously. But some of your biggest sources of water use are things you probably take for granted and don’t give much thought. According to Angie’s List, your toilet alone accounts for nearly a third of your home’s water consumption. Factor in showers and using the bathroom sink for shaving and brushing teeth and it becomes apparent that your bathroom water consumption is pretty high.


What Can You Do?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, it’s time to examine each thing you’re using and think of how you can improve your efficiency.



Older toilets used as much as six to seven gallons per flush. Current federal regulations mandate a 1.6 gallon per flush maximum. Changing to an eco-friendly toilet can put a serious dent in your water consumption. Some models even have variable flush rates, using a smaller volume of water for liquids and providing a full flush for solids (we’ll let you use your imagination here).


We can help you find a toilet that checks all the right boxes. After all, you’ll want something that fits your sense of style, but that also passes the plumbing inspection!

Shower Heads

Everybody loves a nice hot shower. It’s not just about getting clean, after all. Some of us do our best thinking under the shower head, and others find the running water to be the ideal way to wash away the day’s stress.


However, there are practical considerations here as well. Federal law mandates a 2.5 GPM (Gallon Per Minute) maximum flow rate for your shower, but California laws are tougher. You’re allowed a maximum of 2.0 gallons per minute. Here’s where it helps to talk to a plumbing contractor; we can help you find a shower head that meets the state guidelines, but that doesn’t feel like it’s low-flow.


Most people don’t use their bathroom sink as much — or with the same volume of water — as their shower or toilet. However, there’s an opportunity to save water here as well. A faucet with an aerator can run at lower pressure while still feeling like a high-pressure faucet.

Water Heaters

On-demand water heaters that install on the sink or shower heat water faster than a hot water heater. They also waste less water, since you’re not letting the water run for minutes at a time while you wait for it to get hot.


If you’re considering a remodel, talk to a plumbing professional — if you live around Sacramento, that means the team here at Ace Plumbing — at the same time you’re talking to your architect, interior designer, and general contractor. We can advise on your bathroom remodel, and also have enough time to source materials and components that may not be as common. If you’re not remodeling yet and just need help with repairs or installation, we can help there as well!