Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

home safety holidays

The holidays are a time for friends and family to gather at your home, and hopefully not set the place on fire. With these tips, you can keep everyone safe and warm, and maybe even save a little money.

Reduce Decoration Clutter

When you have a big party, everyone needs plenty of room to move. Clear away decorations and anything that is likely to get knocked over when people move from room to room. Remove pieces of furniture that are unnecessary and may create a hazard. Avoid using lit candles or other potential fire sources. Set up a smaller tree, unless you have plenty of space in the home to put a larger one and your guests. Instead of lighting a fire in the fireplace, rely on your Sacramento HVAC equipment to keep you warm.

Adjust the Thermostat

You may not need as much warming as you normally do, however. Large groups generate more heat, which means that your home could become uncomfortably warm at the typical settings. The heat will become even more apparent if you are doing a lot of cooking and baking for your parties. Turn down the temperature by a few degrees an hour or two before your party. This will decrease your energy consumption and make it so that visitors are less likely to be tempted to fiddle with the thermostat or leave the door open.

Avoid Overtaxing Equipment

Your home is designed for normal use, and the holidays can put some pressure on the systems to keep working despite a lot of extra use. Avoid plugging in a bunch of things to one outlet, particularly decorations and Christmas lights. Running too much at once can cause cables to overheat. After that, it does not take much to cause an inconvenient power outage, or even to spark a fire. Remember to always turn off your oven and stove when you are done with them, to reduce fuel consumption and minimize unexpected burns or fuel exhaust.

Protect Children

Family and friends coming to your home often means that there is a larger number of children running around the house. Even if you already have small children, you cannot always predict what other kids will do when they get to the place. Childproof the space more than usual. Go through the home and put things away or on a higher shelf, away from infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Avoid using decorations that rely on button batteries, which can choke or poison if swallowed. Move cleaning products out of reach. If you can, set up a separate space for kids to play that is less crowded and more age-appropriate. The kids will stay engaged longer, and adults will enjoy lower stress during the gathering.

The holidays can be a bit concerning, especially if you are having a lot of people come over to your home. You can prevent a lot of dangers simply by limiting clutter, reducing the amount of decorations and creating a comfortable space for guests. For expert guidance on Sacramento heating and air concerns, contact the professionals at Ace Plumbing.