How Often Should the Lawn be Watered During the Summer

During the hottest months of the summer, it is imperative that you keep up with the watering of your lawn and landscaping. You can do this manually by physically watering everything yourself with a water bucket or a hose, but it is much easier to have a sprinkler and irrigation system professionally installed instead.

An irrigation and sprinkler system is set up by professional technicians to be on a timer so that your lawn is watered at the correct time each day to keep it green, lush, and healthy. This system will also provide your landscaping with the proper sprinkler system to keep it hydrated properly, while the irrigation system will thwart any flooding that may occur from storms, flash floods, or downpours.

Best Time to Water the Lawn

It is never a good idea to water your plants or lawn during the hot daytime hours when the sun is at its fullest level of brightness. The water will evaporate quickly, which means it may never make it to the roots of your grass blades or plants in your landscaping. The best time to water your lawn and your landscaping is every morning before 9:00 AM. The weather will still be cool enough for nutrients to get into the soil, which allows the grass and plants to stay healthy and hydrated. It then allows the lawn and landscaping to dry throughout the day so that mold does not occur on your foliage. If you water at night time, you run the risk of having mold grow. This can lead to lawn and plant diseases and can even attract rodents, bugs, and other pests. Morning is always the best time to water.

How Often Do You Water the Grass

Your line will need approximately one inch to 1 1/2 inches of water every single week throughout the entire summer. This means you should water deeply and thoroughly every other day to get the optimum results that you desire. To maintain deeper roots, your lawn and plants need to have at least 1/3 of an inch of water every two days to keep them healthy and lush. Watering your grass every single day for just a few minutes can lead to drought conditions during periods when there is no rain.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Maintenance

If you already have a sprinkler and/or irrigation system installed, you will want to call upon a professional technician to come to your home every spring to ensure that there are no issues with either system. This can leave your landscaping and lawn susceptible to dead plants and grass from lack of water or flooding in your landscaping and lawn, which can also cause problems in your home.

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