Plumbing Tips for Summer

plumbing tips

While many people look forward to the summer months, not as many begin preparing their plumbing for the warmer weather. Below is a detailed list of plumbing tips for summer.

Sprinklers and Irrigation

If you want to keep your grass green and lush and your landscaping beautiful, it is imperative that you have a high-quality irrigation and sprinkler system in place.

It is also important that you have them installed correctly by professionals that have the knowledge and experience for the job. Your sprinkler system will be set up to automatically provide your lawn and landscaping with the correct amount of water throughout the summer and the irrigation system will ensure that when it rains, your plants and your house are protected from flooding issues.


It is important to have a professional check out your shower for any aging or worn-out fixtures that can cause issues for you and your family. The drains will be assessed also to ensure you do not experience bathroom plumbing issues during the dog days of summer.

Clogged and Faulty Sewer Lines

The last thing you need when you are trying to enjoy your summer is a clogged or faulty sewer line. This issue can cause toilets and drains to slow down and, worse yet, you can end up with sewer back-up into your home, especially if flooding occurs. It will be better for everyone in your household to ensure that drains are free of any debris and sewer lines are in great condition.

Garbage Disposals

Many people like having a garbage disposal in their kitchen so they can get rid of food waste without having a smelly trash can outside that will attract rodents and bugs who want to get to the discarded food. Keep in mind, though, that you must be careful as to which types of foods you put into your garbage disposal, as some can cause plumbing problems for you. For example, foods that contain a lot of fat or starch should really be put into the trash can rather than into the garbage disposal.

Washing Machines

During the summer months, many families have more dirty clothes than any other time throughout the year. This is due to some members of the family playing baseball, going on hikes, riding dirt bikes, swimming, and kids who simply want to change their clothes several times a day since they’re not in school. You will want to ensure that your hot water tank is working properly and that your washing machine is not experiencing any leaks or other issues so that you will be ready for the extra loads of laundry.

Outdoor Faucet Leaks

Since you will be using your hose for a variety of reasons throughout the summer, you will want a professional to check it out to make sure that there are no leaks from the faucet for your hose or any other outdoor faucets that you may have. A leaky faucet can cause a rise in your water bill without you even realizing that there is an issue.

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